MNR Enforcement + Crime Stoppers & Ontario Fire Strategy Update

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MNR Enforcement and Crime Stoppers
Protecting our natural resources and advocating for responsible utilization is of critical importance to the resource based tourism industry. At this year’s conference we will be examining some of the most common offences encountered by Conservation Officers in terms of the fishing tourist. Here is an opportunity to develop a better understanding of the MNR Enforcement Branch priority setting process and a great opportunity to join in the discussion of how all members of the public can contribute to resource protection by reporting violations.
Mark Robbins will be delivering this presentation. Mark is the provincial enforcement specialist responsible for fisheries matters. He has been employed by the MNR since the late 1970’s at various locations across Ontario. His position responsibilities include training Conservation Officers and working with MNR fisheries managers to develop effective fisheries policy and regulations. Mark is also the MNR provincial representative to the Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers.           
Ontario Fire Strategy Update
In 2004, MNR released the current Forest Fire Management Strategy for Ontario (the Strategy). MNR is reviewing the current Strategy, as well as other fire management regulations and policies, with the intent of making revisions to ensure the continued delivery of an effective and efficient forest fire management program.
It is extremely important that outfitters have a sound understanding of what these changes are and what consequences they can potentially have on one’s property. Come and learn more about the two elements involved. Particularly interesting is element two which is fire response. You will want to learn about the following aspects of the MNR fire response:

  • The new directive to respond to fires across the province based on the potential threat to values, or benefit, rather than upon which Fire Management Zone the fire is located.
  • The revised focus on suppression of large fires to protect values and reduce expenditure on areas of fires where no values are threatened.                          

We are sure after reading that synopsis many questions are forming at the back of your mind. Norma Griffin of the MNR will conduct this workshop. Norma is a registered professional forester and is currently the Planning and Information Program Leader with the provincial office of the Ministry of Natural Resources – Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services.
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