Land Use Permit Discussions Continue

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  NOTO continues to push for updated guidelines and policies for land use permits (LUPs): Summit session follow-up

November 2018

An open discussion was held at the recent Northern Ontario Tourism Summit between tourism operators and MNRF representatives from the Northwest and Northeast Regions to discuss current issues that have developed regarding commercial outpost camp land use permits during a sale of a tourism business.

Very early on in the discussions it was apparent that across regions, LUPs are handled inconsistently. It was also identified that the outpost camp business in general has changed in most aspects. Operators in attendance offered their insight on how their client base has changed demographically as well as their needs and experiences that these are looking for in an outpost camp experience.

It was once again made clear that MNRF guidelines and policies surrounding LUP “transfers” needs to be updated to allow for growth in the outpost camp sector.

Thank you to all of the tourism operators that attended this session for their contributions. Since this meeting, we have come much closer to finalizing new operation guidelines regarding LUPs as well as work permits for LUP holders. NOTO will continue to work with MNRF to ensure that these new operational documents support growth as well as a protection of investment for those planning their exit from tourism.

We encourage any commercial Camp operators who are experiencing difficulties with the purchase, sale or renewal of their LUPs or in obtaining work permits for their LUPs to contact the NOTO Office.

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