Important Update on Gasoline Ethanol Content

NOTO was recently contacted by an operator in the Temagami area who noticed that his go-to gas stations removed the ethanol free stickers off their 91 pumps. While travelling, he also noticed some Shell and Canadian Tire Gas stations have implemented “up to 10% ethanol” stickers on their 91 pumps as well.

Upon further investigation by this operator, who contacted customer service for both these companies, both companies responded that they were obligated due to new regulations.

NOTO was not made aware of these changes, and upon further investigation, we were very disappointed to see that over the course of the pandemic, the Federal Government pushed this regulatory change which came into effect in December 2022.

In Ontario, the Cleaner Transportation Fuels Regulation now requires that fuel suppliers blend 10% of renewable content in gasoline. The renewable content requirement increases to 11% in 2025, 13% in 2028, and 15% in 2030 and onwards. The regulation also requires fuel suppliers to continue to blend 4% renewable content in diesel.

We would like to take the time to thank the operator who brought this to our attention and who took the time to contact the companies. NOTO always appreciates hearing from operators.