*IMPORTANT* Update for US Camp Owners

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We have just learned this week that your 14-day quarantine will be more complicated this year. We are looking for your feedback on the list of requirements below.
Your 14-day quarantine plan will need to include the following:

  • You MUST have a civic or physical address for your quarantine location (for visit from officials)
  • You must have a phone line (mobile or landline)
  • Two take home tests will be provided by Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) with instructions to take the first test on day one and the second test on day 10 of your quarantine.
  • Both tests must be taken with a PHAC agent by video
  • Test samples must be sent to an assigned PHAC facility by courier (Purolator was named)

We are aware that these specific requirements will pose issues for some of you but I am trying to get an assessment of how many and which requirements will pose the greatest issues. Please email laurie@noto.net ASAP with your feedback.
We urge you to share this information with those that may not be getting our emails and encourage them to contact us as well.
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