Federal Government’s Throne Speech

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Federal Government’s 2021 Throne Speech

On Tuesday November 23rd, Governor General, Mary Simon delivered the 2021 Throne Speech, officially opening the 44th Parliament. The throne speech focused on the following items:

  • Priority number one remains getting the pandemic under control and continuing the vaccine roll-out.
  • Strengthening healthcare and public health supports for all Canadians, especially seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, vulnerable members of our communities.
  • Rebuilding a more resilient economy that works for everyone, while also providing targeted support to industries that continue to struggle as a result of the pandemic. Although tourism was not directly mentioned in this throne speech, we are optimistic we will see the recently announced Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program and Hardest-Hit Business Recovery Program, as well as other targeted measures come to fruition soon.
  • Focusing on housing and child care to help Canadians cope with the rising cost of living.
  • Acknowledging past Governments’ involvement in residential schools and the unmarked graves of children who have recently been discovered, and the current Government’s commitment to truth and reconciliation.
  • Promising action on climate change by continuing to focus on innovation of good, green jobs to build a more resilient and sustainable, competitive economy.
  • Promising action on our health and well being, as the pandemic has shown us that we all need to put a focus on mental health in the same way as physical well-being.
  • Continue to strengthen gun control by putting forward measures like a mandatory buyback of banned assault-style weapons, and move forward with provinces and territories who want to band handguns.
  • Moving forward with a National Action Plan of gender-based violence and a renewed Anti-Racism Strategy.
  • The government will reintroduce legislation to reform the Broadcasting Act and ensure web giants pay their fair share for the creation and promotion of Canadian content.

To view the full Throne Speech script, please click here.

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