Federal Government Looking at Modernizing Regulations With Regards to Floating Accommodations

Nothing is more important to our sector than the safe and enjoyable use of Ontario’s lakes and rivers. NOTO has always played an active part in promoting sustainable approaches to fisheries management, safe navigation and well-informed boating regulations that reflect the importance of and needs of resource based tourism. For this reason, NOTO worked closely with the Ontario government to ensure that its recent Public Lands Act regulatory amendments to address the issue of “floating accommodations” did not adversely affect our industry.


Transport Canada has now announced that it will be consulting on two key boating issues that may affect our industry: streamlining of processes for provinces and municipalities to recommend changes to local boating regulations, and a consultation on how the federal government may restrict long term anchoring (i.e. floating accommodations). While NOTO will be active on behalf of the sector in offering written advice to the federal government, NOTO members are encouraged to review these consultations by clicking on the buttons below.

We strongly encourage operators to participate in these consultations, especially if you are a houseboat operator. Also, please feel free to share any concerns you may have with NOTO staff so that they may be echoed in our submission. The consultations will end on December 11, 2023.

If you have any questions regarding the consultation, please e-mail MSSRegulations-ReglementsSSM@tc.gc.ca.

Proposal on Long-Term Anchoring
Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations: Provinces and Municipalities