Experience Fishing Update – Fall 2023

Experience Fishing – Fish ON! TV Episode:

This week, Kate joined Paul from FishON! to film an Experience Fishing TV episode that will be aired on Eastlink TV around the holiday season. We would like to thank Northeast Experience Fishing Ambassador Sue Crane, her husband, and all of her wonderful staff for letting us film at Crane’s Lochaven Wilderness Lodge and for their great Northern Hospitality.

YouTube Tutorials:

We are currently finalizing the Experience Fishing YouTube tutorial videos that were filmed in August. These are expected to go live in October. Stay tunned!

Ice Fishing Expansion:

Thank you to all the operators who have put their names forward for this initiative. Kate is currently working with the operators and the Experience Fishing Ambassadors to develop new guests resources on ice fishing and ice safety. We are also working on securing sponsorships for ice rods, tip ups and tackle. Stay tunned for more updates as we approach the winter season.


Experience Fishing is an initiative that was developed to market unique Canadian angling experiences to non-anglers, with a specific focus on women, children, families and new Canadians.

The aim of the program is to provide business development support to participating Northern Ontario operators and assist them to reach the identified consumer segments. As the traditional angler market declines as a result of aging demographics, this program helps participating operators reach new markets.

The program is entirely free for operators!

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