Experience Fishing Update

Experience Fishing YouTube Tutorials


From August 13th to August 18th, Kate Boissonneault has been working on filming additional YouTube tutorial videos for Experience Fishing! These videos are expected to be live on our YouTube channel in the fall. Stay tunned!

Experience Fishing Searching for Winter Operators


Do you offer winter fishing packages? Would you be interested in participating in a pilot project? If so, please reach out to experiencefishing@noto.net!

The Experience Fishing program is free for operators and we are currently looking to expand into ice fishing. We are searching for operators who would be willing to create a winter experiential packages for individuals who are new to ice fishing, and who may be interested in helping us produce ice fishing tutorial videos.

Looking to Attract the Domestic or a New Market? Consider Experience Fishing!


Experience Fishing is an initiative that was developed to market unique Canadian angling experiences to non-anglers, with a specific focus on women, children, families and new Canadians.

The aim of the program is to provide business development support to participating Northern Ontario operators and assist them to reach the identified consumer segments. As the traditional angler market declines as a result of aging demographics, this program helps participating operators reach new markets.

The program is entirely free for operators!

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