Experience Fishing Program: Tutorials Project

Last week, Emma and Kate teamed up with Experience Fishing Ambassador for Algoma, Adam Vallee and Videographer Frank Guidoccio to work on a tutorial video project at an outpost camp.

These videos will be included as part of Experience Fishing’s tutorial series which we are currently building to help show individuals all the ins and outs of fishing, and things they need to consider for their next trip to a Northern Ontario lodge.

We are also using these videos to showcase that there is more to Northern Ontario lodges than just fishing. Many of these tutorial videos will also include quick little glimpses into the “camp life” which families can expect to experience while they are enjoying their vacation in the North.

These tutorial videos, when ready, will be available through the Experience Fishing YouTube channel and social media pages. Operators can also use these videos as tools to help build their Experience Fishing package at their lodge.

You can view the tutorial and ambassador videos released to date by visiting our YouTube channel and by following the Experience Fishing Facebook Page.

We would like to thank Garson’s Fly-in Outposts for allowing us to film at their outpost camp, and a big thank you to their family for the great hospitality!