Enviro Awards – Pine Grove Resort

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Environmental Awards
Conservation & Sustainable Practices

Pine Grove Resort:
Pine Grove Resort is involved in the protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. Not only is this resort a member of the Canadian Wildlife Federation, but they also support the Ontario Wildlands Conservancy.
They have installed bat boxes, provided support and habitat for barn swallows, and planted a naturalized zone at the waterfront to attract bees, monarchs, birds and other wildlife. They are also heavily involved in the preservation of their wetlands, which is home to many species including frogs and turtles. 
Pine Grove Resort also volunteers with trail building and educational outreach for the Loring Deer Yard, which supports one of the largest herds of white-tailed deer in Ontario. They also walk along Hwy 522 to pick up garbage and recycling left over through the winter months. Pine Grove’s Hilary Chambers also created a website called Nature Trail (www.naturetrail.ca) to educate the public on the rich biodiversity and the endangered/species at risk in the region.
Pine Grove Resort also participate in several sustainable practices. They have implemented a strong recycling program where they separate the waste to ensure the proper recycling and disposal of waste. They also provide environmentally friendly soap in biodegradable packaging in all cabins.
They installed new energy-saving lightbulbs and low flow toilets throughout the resort to reduce energy and water consumption. They also installed measurement devices on their water system to know the true amount of water used by the resort. 
Pine Grove Resort also changed their water treatment system from a chlorine system to a multiple filter and UV system to maintain safe drinking water without adversely affecting the environment. In addition to all these practices, no fertilizers or pesticides are used throughout the resort.

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