Enviro Awards – Hawk Lake Lodge

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Environmental Awards
Conservation and Sustainable Practices

Hawk Lake Lodge:
Hawk Lake Lodge has implemented several sustainable practices throughout the years, from recycling to energy efficient appliances. As soon as guests arrive, they are made aware of their resource protection practices. Guests are also encouraged to re-use their towels. Since this policy was implemented, the number of towels washed per week dropped by 60%.
This lodge uses reusable cups, dishes and cutlery for every meal including late night snacks and shoreline lunches. With an average of 45 sandwiches per lunch, these practices prevent 5,000 plastic bags from entering the landfill every summer. All drinks (including soft drinks, coffee, water, etc.) are served in reusable water bottles and thermoses. Beer is also provided through kegs, which are then recycled when empty. 
From soap to fish tackle, Hawk Lake Lodge ensures to buy in bulk which greatly reduces the amount of packaging and product which could contaminate the environment. They also make their own fire starters with used candle wax, old egg cartons and laundry lint.
One hundred percent of the water used throughout the resort is produced on site. In addition to this practice, low-flow shower heads are used in all bathrooms. These practices lead to savings of approximately 4,000 gallons of water per day.
All laundry loads are washed using cold water in HE washing machines. Their commercial dishwasher is Energy Star certified and re-uses steam to heat incoming water which further reduces the lodge’s energy and water use. In addition, new LED lightbulbs are used throughout the resort which reduces their energy consumption by 70%.

Hawk Lake Lodge recently changed their septic system and their gas storage unit and dispensing station which reduces the risk of adverse effects to the environment. All docks are also new and approved by the MNR to ensure no harm would be done to the shoreline or watershed during the construction, and during the use of the docks. Also, no pesticides or fertilizers are used at this lodge. In addition to all these sustainable practices, new construction and renovation projects include using new insulation and dual-pane energy efficient windows to maximize energy efficiency.

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