Disaster Recovery Assistance for Northwestern Ontario Activated

As of Thursday June 9th, the province has activated the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians program for the Northwest Region.


Residents and applicable small business owners who reside within the areas depicted on the map listed on the Government’s website are now able to submit an application for assistance online. If eligible, you could be reimbursed for the costs associated with clean up expenses, repair of essential property and some basic emergency expenses like evacuation travel costs.


For the purposes of this program, small owner-operated businesses are identified as

  • the owner-operator is the day-to-day manager of the business and owns at least 50% of the business
  • the business is not a hobby business and the applicant must show that:
  • they depend on the business for their livelihood
  • the business provides at least 15% of their net income (an exception may be made if the business has at least one employee outside the owner-operator’s household)
  • the business must have no more than the equivalent of 20 full-time employees, including the owner-operator
  • the business must have at least $10,000, but not more than $2,000,000, in gross revenues


The guidelines for small owner-operated businesses have been published here: Information for small owner-operated businesses | Guidelines to apply for Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians


The application is available here: Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians: Application Form for Small Businesses, Farms and Not-For-Profit Organizations


If you have specific questions relating to the program, please contact DisasterAssistance@Ontario.ca