Continuing to Work Hard for Our Members

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Continuing to Work Hard for Our Members

By Laurie Marcil, Executive Director

Another operating season is coming to a close, where has the time gone?? From all accounts, this season has been another busy one for not only our members but for the NOTO office as well.
We are appreciative of the calls and emails from our members seeking our advice and alerting us to issues that you are facing on the ground. We know how busy you are tending to your guests and we are pleased to take those issues from your desk to ours or to at least reduce the time you have to spend on these issues. We know that the number and variety of issues and topics brought to our office this year are indicative of the wide range of items you have to deal with on a daily basis.
Here is a short list of some of the issues/topics that we assisted members with this year:

  • Labour shortages
  • 200m bear baiting restriction, NOTO convinced the MNRF to propose a reduction in this restriction – awaiting final decision
  • Bear harvest allocations and Bear Management Area (BMA) transfers
  • LUP issues surrounding lengthy transfers, work permit delays or inconsistencies.
  • Ministry of Labour inspections  
  • Employee manuals
  • Working near water safety policy
  • Marijuana employee and guest policies
  • Red Lake Airport closure
  • Forestry and resource stewardship agreements (RSA)
  • Bulk Fuel issues
  • Propane appliance issues
  • New MNRF licencing system issues
  • Tourism Orientated Destination Signage Program
  • Bush Country Billboards
  • Septic Systems
  • Gas Tax Rebate Program
  • Moose tag allocations
  • Marine Liability Act – New Marine Liability Act changes

This is a long list and it takes a great deal of time, effort and resources to ensure we can provide the most accurate supports possible to tackle these items. Those resources come from membership dollars.
We thank all of our members for their continued support this year and we hope that you will take every opportunity over the coming off-season to spread the word of our work and encourage other camps to become members of NOTO.

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