Clarification on When the Stay-at-Home Order Ends and Regulations in Effect Until June 14th

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Clarification on When the Stay-at-Home Order Ends and Regulations in Effect Until June 14th

The Government announced that the Stay-at-Home order will expire on June 2nd. However, the Government is planning on keeping all existing public health measures and restrictions in place (O.Reg. 82/20) until the province enters Step One of the Roadmap to Reopen, which is expected to begin on June 14th. The province will confirm timelines closer to the expected start of Step One.

Until we enter Step One, here are the regulations that will continue to apply:

Hotels, motels, lodges, cabins, cottages, resorts and other shared rental accommodation (O.Reg. 82/20 – #25 under Schedule 2):

  • Any indoor pools, communal steam rooms, saunas or whirlpools, indoor fitness centres, or other indoor recreational facilities that are part of the operation of these businesses, are closed.

Seasonal campgrounds (O. Reg. 82/20- #26 under Schedule 2):
Campsites must be made available only for trailers and recreational vehicles that are:

  • used by individuals who are in need of housing, or
  • permitted to be there by the terms of a full season contract.
  • Only campsites with electricity, water services and facilities for sewage disposal may be provided. All recreational facilities in the campground and all other shared facilities in the campground, other than washrooms and showers, must be closed.

Restaurants, bars, and other food or drink establishments (O. Reg. 82/20- #6, under Schedule 2): Take out, drive through, and delivery permitted only (includes the sale of alcohol).

Marinas (O.Reg 82/20 – #37 under Schedule 2):
Marinas, boating clubs and other organizations that maintain docking facilities for members or patrons that meet the following conditions can open:
1. Any clubhouse, restaurant, pool, communal steam room, sauna or whirlpool, meeting room, fitness centre or other recreational facility on the premises must be closed to the public, except for any portion of those areas that,

  • is used to provide first aid services,
  • is used to provide take-out or delivery service,
  • contains a washroom, or
  • provides access to an area described in subparagraph i, ii or iii.

2. For greater certainty, nothing in this Order precludes a person responsible for a marina, boating club or other organization that maintains docking facilities for members or patrons from operating a grocery or convenience store on the premises or from providing fuel supply, boat or watercraft repair and servicing, boat or watercraft docking and boat or watercraft launching services.

Outdoor Recreational Amenities (O. Reg. 82/20 – #4 under Schedule 3):
Outdoor recreational amenities are permitted to open so long as individuals maintain social distance of 2m from anyone outside of their household who happen to be using the facilities.

Recreational Boating (O. Reg 82/20 – #4 (06) under Schedule 3):
Each person responsible for a boat or watercraft shall ensure that if a group of persons uses that boat or watercraft together for recreational purposes, the members of the group are all members of the same household OR one other person from outside that household who lives alone or a caregiver for any member of the household.

You’ll also need to keep in mind the gathering restrictions (O.Reg 82/20 – under Schedule 4): 

  • No indoor gatherings with anyone outside of your household. 
  • Outdoor gatherings of 5 are permitted, with social distancing in place. 

Please be advised that local medical officers of health also have the ability to issue Section 22 orders under the Health Protection and Promotion Act to target specific transmission risks in the community. All operators are encouraged to reach out to their local health units to make sure they comply with all regulations and restrictions in their respective districts.

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