Changes to Regulations for Pools & Spas

The Ministry has informed us that there are amendments to O. Reg. 565: Public Pools that will be coming into effect on October 28, 2022 that may impact tourism stakeholders. This act sets out requirements and standards for operations, maintenance, and equipment at public pools and spas.

The Regulation is being amended to provide an exemption from the regulation for public spas that are operated in conjunction with an individual dwelling unit or suite of a hotel for the exclusive use of its occupants if:

  • Caution signage is posted indicating to use at your own risk and that the spa is not subject to the Regulation; and
  • The Public Spas Caution Notice, set out in subsection 19.1(1) of the Regulation, is posted in a conspicuous place within the public spa enclosure, which provides further guidance on the proper use of a spa.

Please note that for the purposes of the Regulation, this applies to any hotel, inn, motel, resort or other building or premises operated to provide sleeping accommodation for the public.

This amendment will also require owner/operators of public spas in hotels that were previously exempted from the Regulation to also post the Public Spa Caution Notice outlined in subsection 19.1(1) of the Regulation. This would include public spas operated on the premises of a hotel that has fewer than six dwelling units or suites for the use of its guests and their visitors.

The Ministry of Health has developed a summary sheet and Q&A document to clarify the amendments and to provide more information on best practices for spa operation. Click on the buttons below for more details.

Summary Sheet