Changes to Implementation Orders in the Northwest (Fire Related)

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Changes to Implementation Orders in the Northwest
A Message from the Ministry

Hello Industry Partners,
I’m writing today to share another update regarding the current fire situation in the Northwest region and to inform you of changes to the Implementation Order impacting industrial operations.
As you are aware, the Ministry is carefully monitoring the situation, including weather patterns and availability of firefighting resources to assess current and future risk. Our goal is to ensure that businesses can get back to operations, while ensuring the safety of the public and protecting our natural resources, during this unprecedented fire season.
The number of active fires is close to the 30-year max and is remaining steady. The potential for ignition by lightening remains high through the southern parts of the region around Fort Frances and Kenora, and has returned to normal for the northern, central and eastern parts of the region. 
As a result of our most recent assessment, the current Implementation Orders restricting certain activities associated with industrial operations will be lifted effective 12:01am on August 18, 2021. As a result, operations can resume in accordance with the Modifying Industrial Operations Protocol (MIOP) for the forest industry and the Industrial Operating Protocol (IOP) for other industrial operations.
I trust the resumption of your activities will be good news. Please understand though, that while we are able return to the MIOP and IOP processes, the Ministry will be continuing to monitor fire activity, weather conditions and patterns and resourcing on a daily basis and may be required to re-introduce restrictions if warranted. We continue to see varying levels of risk across the region in terms of existing fires and potential for new ones. It is critical that both the ministry and industry partners recognize the speed at which fire hazard can change due to the drought conditions, and that we remain nimble and flexible in responding to the evolving situation. We ask you to continue to exercise exceptional caution when operating in forest areas and to follow all requirements as identified in the MIOP and IOP. Please have your Fire Preparedness Plan ready and available when conducting very high and high risk activities as per the MIOP and IOP.
For your reference here are the links to the Industrial Operating Protocol:
If you require additional information about your operations and the ongoing fire situation please do not hesitate to reach out to Michael Gluck, Regional Director Northwest Region at
On behalf of the Ministry, we truly appreciate your continued support and patience.

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