Call for Nominations: NOTO’s Board of Directors

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Call for Nominations: NOTO’s Board of Directors

It is time for NOTO Board elections! Bring YOUR views and ideas to the Board this year, help shape NOTO’s future and the future of Resource-based tourism in Ontario.


Dear NOTO Member:
On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are reaching out to all camp operators who are members of NOTO to encourage you to consider putting your name forward for a seat on our Board. It is important for this organization to have a Board that is representative of its members; a Board that can set the goals and objectives of the organization while ensuring they are responding to the needs of the industry. Help us support the growth of resource-based tourism in Ontario!
The following number of seats are available in each of our four electoral regions this year:

  • Northwest: 1
  • North Central: 1
  • Northeast: 2
  • South: 3

This is a call for nominations to fill these seats. In order to stand for election, you must be a paid-up Regular member. You can nominate or run only in your own region. Each nomination must be endorsed by two camp operators from your region. The nomination form can be found by clicking the following link:
Completed nomination forms should be returned to the NOTO office by email or mail by September 30, 2021. Once the nominations are received, ballots will be prepared and sent to the membership electronically. You will also be able to vote electronically, by mail or FAX up to 24 hrs before the Annual General Meeting. NOTE: The AGM will be held virtually this fall and the date will be announced soon.
We encourage you to consider putting your name forward to run for the NOTO Board of Directors. In general, NOTO Board members meet by conference call once a month for approximately 2 hours with the exception of the operating season where calls are held less frequently. 
To find out more about other member experiences on the NOTO Board, please contact any member of our current Board as listed below:
* Ted Putnam – 807-548-2930 (Vice President)* Lucas Adams – 807-482-1388* Mal Tygesson – 807-755-2434
* Bob Garson – 705-253-4938 (President)* Kyle Polesky – 807-329-1116* Kathy Descamps – 705-844-2169 
* Jean-Luc Brousseau – 705-272-2062 (Treasurer) 
* Hilary Chambers – 705-757-5221 (Past President)* Sue Crane – 705-898-2222
Laurie MarcilExecutive Director 

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