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Photo of Doug Reynolds, NOTO Executive Director
Doug Reynolds
NOTO Executive Director 
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 Will the New Automated Point of Sale
Licence Terminal Work For YOUR Business?
Over the last several months, the NOTO Office has received a number of calls from operators with concerns regarding the new automated MNR fishing and hunting licencing equipment for licence issuers.  Concerns regarding the size of the machines, the level of power required to run the machines, the potential of fluctuations in power at camp as well as other connectivity issues have been raised on your behalf with the ministry.
We have recently been given a link to a website that we hope will address many of your concerns.
Most recently operators have asked us if it is too late to complete the paperwork and order their terminal.  The answer that we received from MNR was “no, it is not too late but they should place their order very soon.”  The reason for this is so they will have enough time to send out the terminal and get it ready for transactions in the spring.
The link to licence information below contains a downloadable .pdf of the Equipment Selection Survey, Business Information Form, and the Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement.  Licence issuers should complete these forms and send them in to MNR as soon as possible if you have not already done so (the mailing address and fax numbers are on the forms).  There are also two “More Information” sections (one is at the very bottom of the page) that should answer most questions.
MNR Automated Point of Sale Terminal System 
If you have more questions after reviewing the information provided on this page, please call Chuck Jane using the information provided below.
Chuck Jane
Transition Manager
Licensing Improvement Project
Biodiversity Branch
Ministry of Natural Resources
Telephone: (705) 755-5521
After you review the MNR material and follow up with them, as necessary, we would like to hear from you.

  • Is this new approach going to be workable?
  • How many of you will be forced to give up issuing licenses because of power, connectivity or other issues and what impact will this have on your business and guests?
  • Is having guests purchase their own licenses online a viable option, or does this present its own set of problems?
  • Can you think of a better solution, such as allowing you to use the normal online system to purchase licenses for your guests and having the cards sent to your lodge?

We have heard very clearly from you that making licenses easily available is an essential service. If the proposed system does not work for you and your guests, let us know so we can work to find a solution.
NOTO has confirmed that MNR representatives will provide an information session at our upcoming conference in November to help guide operators through the new system with a demo of the equipment. Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare yourself for the coming year.
You can learn more about our conference in Sudbury, November 2nd and 3rd by visiting

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