A Message to NOTO’s Preferred Suppliers

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A Message to NOTO’s Preferred Suppliers
Hi Everyone,
I am both honoured and proud to be representing NOTO’s product and service suppliers as the current President of NOTO’s Preferred Supplier Board of Directors.
Preferred Suppliers? Yes, we’ve got a new name. After all we want to be viewed as the suppliers that NOTO members prefer to deal with and so it makes sense that we’ve changed our name to reflect that!
This spring we produced in conjunction with NOTO, the 2017 Preferred Suppliers Guide, a small digest sized booklet that listed all of the preferred suppliers in categories of services and also featured display ads for those members who wanted some additional exposure. This publication will be produced yearly and your listing is free of charge as long as you are a member in good standing.
My summer is going well as I hope yours is too! The weather is great and from what I’ve heard through my conversations with lodge owners, they’re having the best season in recent memory thanks to a favourable exchange rate and of course the incredible product they have to offer, Ontario’s breathtaking scenery and fantastic fishing!
We’ve completed some new websites for NOTO members over the past few months as well as producing a bunch of promotional product orders for a number of them. We try to stay in touch with NOTO members as much as possible and so should you. NOTO members need to know what we can do for them and why they should invest in our services. Do you offer NOTO members a money saving benefit, we do and maybe this is something you should also consider!
This leads into something you may not be aware of which is the preferred supplier spotlight!
Every preferred supplier can promote themselves through a regular email that is sent from the NOTO office that tells members about you, who you are and what you have to offer. If you haven’t taken advantage of this, give the NOTO office a call and get your spotlight prepared and sent out!
Did you attend the Northern Ontario Tourism Summit in Sudbury last fall? If not you missed out on a tremendous networking opportunity. This year’s summit is going to be in Thunder Bay from November 15-17. Want to know more? Visit https://northernontariotourismsummit.ca/
The Summit is a great place to network, gain industry education and connect with like minded individuals who work as hard as you do for the betterment of the tourism industry.