A Message From Our Executive Director

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Message From Our Executive Director

We have been hard at it here at NOTO ensuring that we take advantage of every opportunity to bring issues and solutions for the Resource-based Tourism Industry to the forefront.
Over the last several weeks NOTO responded to the MHSTCI White Paper, the Provincial budget and the Federal budget consultations. We have reiterated all of the important needs of our sector to bring all of you successfully through this relentless pandemic. We have also continued discussions with MNRF and MECP regarding the 2021 crown resource fees. We hope to have an positive announcement soon.
As many of you have seen in the last few newsletters, we recently submitted a position paper on the use of herbicides in forestry as well as responded to Transport Canada’s proposal to eliminate the rental boat safety checklist and changes to the Pleasure Craft Operator Competency regulations. We thank each and every one of you who answered our call to submit comments on those items. NOTO has heard that the feedback has been overwhelmingly against eliminating this tool and we are optimistic that we will see the proposal stopped.
Transport Canada is currently working on a report on “What We Heard” which will be posted on the Let’s Talk Transportation website in the coming months. Due to the significant amount of feedback they received, the expected date for publication in Canada Gazette, Part I, has now been moved to Winter 2022.
As we continue our work to urge Government to plan for are-openng of the border as soon as possible I wanted to share information about an upcoming interview that may give us all some insight. This Sunday, February 28th, at 10am (EST) Rosemary Barton from CBC will be televising an exclusive interview with Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State regarding re-opening the US/Canada border. Here is a link we found regarding the meeting and Canada that took place on Friday and a sneak peek of the interview: https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1866267715588
In the coming days, weeks, months, Kate and I will continue to be here to ensure you have updates on information relevant to you and always welcome your feedback via email or by phone using the contact information listed above.
Be well,

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