A Message from NOTO’s President

Hello Fellow NOTO Members,

It’s true we can finally have a face-to-face Tourism Summit and I can hardly wait to see everyone. This will be an informative and constructive event with an opportunity to socialize and catch up. It has been a long hard bumpy flight to finally land floats down on a friendly lake. We now are able to control the direction our businesses and plan for the future.

We now have the opportunity to welcome back our loyal American guests. The expectation of the upcoming year is very high, but I still am cautious and aware of the past 3 years. NOTO was really able rise to the challenge due to the unbelievable efforts of our small but dedicated hard working staff. I hope all of our loyal members are able to personally express their appreciation to the staff.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the organizations that we have the privilege of working with; Destination Northern Ontario, TIAO, TIAC, KDCA, Sunset Country, Algoma Country, Superior Country, Northern Eastern Ontario Tourism Association, Indigenous Tourism, CFOA, as well as any other group that we associate with on specific issues. I would like to recognize the many cities and municipalities where we operate our businesses and enjoy mutually supporting our common goals.

I appreciate the efforts of all government agencies and staff that have endeavoured to assist us in our quest to operate our businesses effectively. I would also mention the supports that allowed operators to remain in business through these extremely challenging conditions of the pandemic. We are not there yet, but with the government’s continued help, we will return to being the important economic driver we were pre-pandemic.

Once again, I look to the future as there are an endless number of clouds to bust, but no cloud is too big to pass through to get to the other side where the sun shines.

Your NOTO President,

Bob Garson