A Message From NOTO’s President

Hello Fellow Excited NOTO Members,

We are all working in anticipation of opening in a what I like to call normal environment. Sure we still have concerns on ice out, employee availability, supply issues, etc. but, they are minor compared to what we have endured in the previous three years. We can now get back to doing what we love, entertaining guests and generating revenue. We always appreciate any help with our many issues but, I believe we have crested the hill.

Hold on for the bumpy ride ahead, as we tackle the bear, deer, and Transport Canada changes. NOTO certainly welcomes any input on solutions to solve these issues, it is a chance to give us direction on working to solutions. We are confident that our input is very valuable to the Ministry of Natural Resource as they have engaged us first. It is an opportunity to improve the resources we all rely on for our existence. Processes are never easy but, what IS as a tourist operator?

I hope everyone is able to share my excitement about where we are as an organization and industry. So, Fish On and lets go for that Double Header, that being great weather and some of our outstanding fishing this season. Oh, I have not forgotten about the great hunting we offer, I guess that’s a Triple Header! All the best for all this season! (We Deserve It)


NOTO President

Bob Garson – Garson’s Fly-in Outposts