A Clarification on When the Lockdown Ends

A Clarification on When the Lockdown Ends 

Hello readers, 
We have been receiving quite a few e-mails from operators and soon-to-be travellers who are wondering when the stay-at-home order, state of emergency, lockdown and other COVID-19 orders end. Here’s a bit of a clarification: 
As it currently stands, the province-wide lockdown remains in effect until February 11th, the Stay-At-Home order and declaration of the State of Emergency remains in effect until February 9th, and all other COVID-19 orders listed under the Reopening Ontario Act have been extended to February 19th. All COVID-19 related orders and the province-wide lockdown may be extended before these dates.

The Stay-at-Home order is part of Ontario’s State of Emergency regulations, which must be reviewed and extended if needed every 14 days. 

The Reopening Ontario Act are the regulations which highlights gathering restrictions, service restrictions for stores/restaurants, sets the stage for fines to be laid if any individual or business is in non-compliance with COVID-19 orders. These orders are reviewed and extended if needed every 30 days and have been active since July 2020.  

The lockdown is its own regulation (O. Reg 82/20 – Rules for areas in stage 1 (lockdown)) that stands in addition to the Reopening Ontario Act and the Emergency Act . The current expiry date for the lockdown is February 11th. The lockdown will be reviewed and extended if need be prior to that date.  

We hope that this provides the clarity many have been searching for. 

Stay healthy!  

NOTO Staff