5-Year Strategic Plan Update

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5-Year Strategic Plan Update

We are entering the 2nd year of our 5-year strategic plan! We are looking forward to implementing more items to better serve and represent the tourism industry. Some highlights of 2019 include hiring a lobbyist who works in Queen’s Park, developing new relationships with regulation makers, progress with bear issues and the gas tax rebates, and improved communications with our members by inviting them to participate in various polls and discussions.
In the new year, NOTO hopes to:

  • Have a new website
  • Create a membership cancellation policy & late fees
  • Initiate a board governance process
  • Create new initiatives & partnerships to increase revenue
  • Continue succession planning
  • Create resources for tourism operators to assist with overcoming barriers to growth
  • Have advocacy initiatives that better align with members’ needs
  • And more!

To read the summary of all the action items NOTO has implemented in 2019, click here
To read the 2019-2024 NOTO Strategic Plan document, click here. 

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