2021 NOTO Awards: Call for Nominations

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NOTO Awards

The NOTO awards were created to acknowledge the people who make Ontario’s tourism industry so vibrant. The awards are presented every year to members who have gone above and beyond to improve both the natural and working environment, and/or tourism as a whole. 

Please take a moment to think about someone who you feel should be acknowledged for their contributions to the tourism industry for the following awards:

  • NOTO Conservation Award: Awarded to a NOTO member who has contributed substantially to conservation.
  • Bob Giles Award: Awarded to a NOTO member who has shown outstanding performance in the field of Northern Ontario Tourism.
  • Outfitter of the Year Award: Awarded to a NOTO member who made an outstanding contribution to tourism over the last year. 
  • Tourism Champion: Awarded annually to a person who supports a strong and united tourism industry. A person who sees tourism in a much larger picture than their own specific business or role they play. This award does not necessarily need to be given to a tourism business owner or a NOTO member.
  • Preferred Supplier of The Year Award: Awarded to a NOTO Preferred Supplier in recognition of their dedication, support and participation in furthering the goals and objectives of NOTO and its members. 

To view more details and examples of activities that would qualify for these awards, and to access the nomination forms, please click on the button below.

Nominations close October 15th, 2021 at 4pm.

NOTO Award Details and Nomination Forms

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