2012 NOTO Conference Presentation Spotlight #1

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Join us in Thunder Bay
October 30th & 31st, 2012

Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel & Suites
for the 2012 Nature & Outdoor Tourism Conference.
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Our 2012 NOTO Conference agenda
is looking fantastic so far!!

While you wait for our complete agenda, we wanted to share with you couple of descriptions for two of the sessions that have been confirmed.
On Tuesday, October 30th at 9:30 following our Opening Ceremonies we will kick off our conference presentations with an upbeat session from our friends at Sofa Communications.
THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM! Now what do you do with it? 
Like most of us , you’ve probably got more than enough headaches to deal with, and most may still be waiting for you when the NOTO conference is over. Well, this could be just what you’re looking for! This informative session has been a great help to a variety of corporate clients, individuals, and non-profit organizations. We all face challenges, obstacles,and other frustrations in our businesses & daily lives. And for once, someone can give you a practical checklist to turn any hurdle into solvable situation. “That’s Your Problem!” will provide a session that actually leaves you with a usable “skill” that you can choose to implement to make your life a little easier.  This is NOT just another “feel good” morale boosting session, or motivational speech that you forget a couple of days after conference. This session will be delivered in a friendly, light-hearted way, and leave you with an actual “template” for future reference. As well, for those who are intrigued by the group session there will be a follow up session delivered later in the day by the same group leader.
Facilitated by Mike Anthony, of Sofa Communications in North Bay Ontario. Mr Anthony has an easy-going speaking style developed through years of communicating. He’s worked as a broadcast news reporter, a morning radio show host, professional speaker/workshop developer, and for the last few years as a communications specialist. He has worked extensively with NOTO, and his agency has dealt with a wide variety of travel and tourism organizations, including government ministries and private lodges and outfitters.
After lunch on Tuesday at 1:45pm our NOTO Group Insurance and Financial Services provider, Eclipse Financial will present the following session:
Proper Planning Is A Guaranteed Savings!!
Private corporations have some tax benefits that many of the business owners are not aware of. For instance, the capital gains exemption available to the shareholders of a company can be extended to other family members by using a trust. Many questions such as: “Should I have a holding company or a sister company”, remain unanswered to many business owners.  Other issues such as, “what is the best way of transferring the family business to our children, key employees or just selling it outright”. Finally, planning through your parent’s will and your own will, there are some large tax savings available. This presentation will answer many of these questions and allow you to have access to a third party resource centre.
These are two great sessions for Day 1 of our two day conference and there’s more to come.  So make your travel arrangements, book your room but first of all…register for our event early and save.  Click on the links to the left to learn how.
Stay tuned… 
Call or email us if you have any questions.

Take care,Laurie MarcilNOTO Member Services Managerlaurie@noto.netPh. 705-472-5552 x24

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