TSSA in Transition to an Outcome-Based Regulator

Friday Apr 12, 2019

Author: NOTO

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TSSA in Transition to an Outcome-Based Regulator

At a recent TSSA Liquid Fuels Advisory Council meeting, NOTO learned that the TSSA is changing its focus from being a “Compliance Centric” Regulator to one of “Harm Reduction and Improved Safety”.

It was reported, this transformation will require a culture shift in how TSSA currently views those they regulate, to regarding them as safety partners. The organization has committed to reviewing the type and way they deliver services collaboratively with regulated parties. They intend to move to recognizing, rewarding and trusting “Good Players”.

Another piece of this transformation we are happy to see included is the focus to provide support and education to help businesses comply with regulations. This is something that we have been asking for regularly for a number of years.

They have also acknowledged that in order to make this transition they will be requiring regulated parties to be “owners of compliance” and “managers of their own risk”. They will also be shifting to transparently using deterrence when warranted. We look forward to learning more about these initiatives over the next several months.

This transition to using a risk-based approach in TSSA’s efforts to improve compliance and is a method we are beginning to see in other regulated areas like septic systems. We have found that particularly in Northern Ontario these approaches are much more practical and are a positive way to promote compliance.

We have made a request to have TSSA provide an update and perhaps hold a consultation (depending on where they are in the process) at the 2019 Northern Ontario Tourism Summit in Timmins this November.

NOTO will remain eager to collaborate with TSSA on behalf of our members to ensure that this transition supports the tourism industry’s desire to offer safe outdoor experiences and continue to protect our environment.



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