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Wednesday Jun 27, 2018

Author: NOTO

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Here are examples of things people can do: 
• Watershed protection
Watershed protection can be as simple as minimizing your environmental impacts by reducing pollution or activities that could potentially impact the watershed. It can also include efforts to be mindful of you activities upstream, as they will have an impact on the downstream population.  
• Efforts to reduce climate change
Efforts to reduce climate change usually focus on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Examples could be using energy efficient technology and equipment’s, or renewable sourced energy. However, these efforts are not limited to reduction of GHG.  
• Blue Green Algae Consciousness
Blue green Algae consciousness can be done by reducing the amount of phosphorus riche fertilizers used, especially near water sources. Another way to do this can be by making sure your septic system is maintained and working properly, to eliminate any breakouts as it can add nutrients into the waterway. These nutrients can promote or increase Blue Green Algae breakouts. Using phosphate-free detergents and cleaning products also promotes good Blue Green Algae consciousness.  
• Proactive to eliminate burning waste
This can be done by utilizing proper waste management practices, such as recycling. It can also be achieved by reducing, reusing and recycling materials instead of burning it. Bring waste to proper disposal areas such as landfills can also be an example of proactive solutions to eliminate burning waste.  
• Waterway erosion protection
Examples of waterway erosion protection could be creating a buffer around waterways. One of the best buffers to prevent erosion is vegetation. Maintaining vegetation (trees and plants) around waterways are a great way to protect waterways from erosion. If waterways do not already have vegetation to prevent erosion, planting trees, shrubs or other plants around the shores of waterways is definitely a good idea. 

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