Eclipse Financial Plan Update

Tuesday Mar 20, 2018

Author: Eclipse Financial

As a business owner you are used to taking risks, maybe you have even come to welcome the risks that allow you to grow your business.  One area however, that you should not be taking risks with is your health.  And while it is not possible to control or predict a lot of the health conditions that life throws our way, you can be prepared.  

Joining a group benefits plan ensures that you have the coverage you need to focus on improving your health and not stress about how you are going to afford your medical bills.  These worries can be compounded if you are a frequent traveller or spend long periods of time living outside of Canada as the cost for medical procedures can be extremely expensive.  Having a great travel insurance plan included in your coverage can make those times away from your home worry free allowing you to relax and recharge for when you return to work.  

Half of all Canadians pay for their medication and other medical related bills out of pocket, putting a huge financial strain on them and in many cases postponing the medicine that they may require.  Joining a group benefit plan makes sure that you are able to get the medical attention you need when you need it.

At Eclipse Financial, in partnership with NOTO we offer a comprehensive coverage package including a 6-month travel insurance plan that is easy to join with no health questions asked.  You get the coverage that you need at the competitive pricing that a group plan offers.  This coverage can also be extended to your eligible family members as well as your full-time employees, contact Eclipse Financial today to get setup at 800.461.0389.  

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