The MNRF has launched a new fish and wildlife licensing service. This new system features a single Outdoors Card and allows individuals to purchase fishing and small game licenses from the comfort of their own home. Click here for more information on this new licensing system.



To purchase a new Outdoors Card, hunting and fishing licensing products, 
visit Hunt and Fish Ontario, participating Service Ontario locations, or one 
of over 700 licence issuers across the province.

Both residents and non-residents may use this new licensing system 
to obtain their Outdoors Card and licences to hunt and fish in Ontario. 
The information you will need to purchase the Outdoors Card include your 
first and last name, date of birth, mailing and residential address, heights 
and eye colour.
New Outdoors Card



Ontario and Canadian Residents:

An Ontario resident is a person whose primary address is in Ontario, and who has lived in the province for at least six consecutive months during the 12 months immediately before applying for a licence.

A Canadian resident is a person whose primary address is in any part of Canada other than Ontario and has lived in Canada for at least six consecutive months during the 12 months immediately before applying for a licence.

Information for Ontario and Canadian Residents wishing to fish in Ontario:


A non-Canadian resident is a person who is neither an Ontario resident nor a Canadian resident.

Information for non-residents looking to fish in Ontario:


Fishing Rules and Limits:

Ontario is divided into 20 Fisheries Management Zones (FMZ). There are certain rules as well as catch and possession limits you must follow. These rules determine when and where you can fish, the species, size and number of fish you can keep, the bait and tackle you can use, and what you can and can't do in specific locations. It is important for you to know the rules and limits of your FMZ before you set out to fish.



Any individual that wishes to hunt in Ontario must have a valid Outdoors Card. You will also need appropriate hunter accreditation to buy hunting licences and tags. The hunter accreditation must be on file in the new Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service before you are eligible to purchase a hunting licence. If you are hunting with a gun, you will also require your federal firearms accreditation. 

Hunting licences and tags expire on December 31st of the issuing year. It is also the hunter’s responsibility to know the open seasons for the species they wish to hunt.

Click here for a summary of Ontario’s hunting regulations.

Ontario Residents

To hunt in Ontario as a resident, you must be at least 16 years old, have successfully taken the Ontario Hunter Education Program (or an Ontario-recognized equivalent), follow all federal firearm regulations and carry appropriate documentation with you if you are hunting with a gun, have a valid Outdoors Card and have the required hunting licence(s) and tag(s) for the game you wish to hunt. 

Individuals who are 12 to 14 years old are eligible to participate in Ontario’s Hunter Apprenticeship Safety Program to safely develop their hunting skills while under the direct and immediate supervision of a qualified and licenced mentor.

For more information on hunting, please refer to the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary.



A non-Ontario resident is a person whose primary residence is not in Ontario or has not lived in the province for at least 6 consecutive months of the immediately preceding 12 months. To hunt in Ontario as a non-resident, you must be at least 16 years old, have Ontario-recognized hunting credentials from your home jurisdiction (or have recognized hunter credentials) filed with the Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service, follow all federal firearm regulations around declaring and transporting non-restricted firearms and carry appropriate documentation with you if you are hunting with a gun, have a valid Outdoors Card and have the required hunting licences and tags for the game you wish to hunt.

Non-residents of Ontario must present one of the following to obtain a non-resident licence to hunt in Ontario. 


Hunting in Ontario (residents & non-residents):

Small Game

You can buy a three-year small game licence when you purchase or renew your Outdoors Card. You must carry your Licence Summary with you when participating in a small game hunt. Some areas may require you to have a Game Tag for small game such as turkeys, wolves, or coyotes.

Big Game

Species-specific hunting licences are available for black bear, moose, white-tailed deer and elk. These licences are only valid for one year. You may only hunt the type, age, and sex of the animal specified on your Licence Summary or Game Tag. All hunters who have purchased or who have been awarded a tag must file a hunters report, regardless if they were successful or not.  Different rules apply to non-resident hunters who wish to hunt black bear and moose.

Non-Resident: Moose Hunting

A non-resident who wishes to hunt moose in Ontario must have a valid Outdoors Card and hunting accreditation. A non-resident must also be registered as an accommodated guest at a tourist outfitter establishment. The outfitter must apply for and receive, on the non-resident’s behalf, a validation tag to hunt moose. Please visit the hunting regulations summary in the link above for more information.

Non Resident: Black Bear Hunting

The rules are slightly different from that of hunting moose. A non-resident who wishes to hunt a black bear in Ontario must have a Non-Resident Black Bear Hunting Licence Validation Certificate (white copy) to validate their non-resident black bear hunting licence. This certificate can be obtained from a bear operator (operator of a tourist establishment, guide or air carrier) licensed in Ontario to provide black bear hunting services to non-residents. *Some exceptions apply, please visit the hunting regulations summary. 

More up to date and detailed information can be found on the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry website. The MNRF regulates and enforce fishing and hunting in Ontario.

NOTE: It is illegal to apply for or to purchase or possess more than one licence tag for moose, elk, deer or black bear. If you wish to hunt, you must have a licence valid for the species or group of species you are hunting, and you must carry your Outdoors Card, the licence tag, any validation tags and any game tags with you while hunting. Licence validity or expiry dates do not indicate open season dates. You must show the Outdoors Card and licence to a conservation officer if asked to do so.



Important Changes as of January 2019


Single Outdoors Card

All Outdoors Cards will be valid until their expiry date. The new Outdoors Card will allow the MNRF to track hunter accreditation and determine which products hunters are eligible to purchase. Valid small game and fishing licences may be printed on the back of your Outdoors Card. However, if your licences aren’t printed on your card, you are required to carry a licence summary as proof.

Licence Summary

Rather than having several different formats of licences, this new Licence Summary will be available online, at licence issuers, &/or at participating Service Ontario location. Digital copies are also available which allows you to access your summary on your smartphone. Your Outdoors Card and Licence Summary must be on you while hunting or fishing.

Firearms Licence Requirements

Hunters (including apprentices) are required to carry proof of firearms accreditation. Every gun hunter must carry a valid possession and acquisition licence and a valid minor’s licence or official documentation showing the completion of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. Non-residents may also be required to show a valid non-resident firearms declaration form confirmed by Canadian customs officer, and a temporary firearm borrowing licence for non-residents issued under the Firearms act. This information should be carried with you while hunting, as you may be required to show it to a Conservation Officer upon request.  

Tags to Replace Game Seals

Yellow sticky stock game seals will no longer be mailed. Tags will need to be printed at a licence issuer or at a participating Service Ontario location. It is the hunter’s responsibility to ensure that the tag is protected from weather elements, intact and legible at all times. The tag must be filled immediately after the kill. The holder may carry the tag in their pocket while they are bringing the animal out of the bush, but it must always remain with the animal (i.e. You cannot leave the tag in your vehicle while fetching the harvested animal).

Mandatory Hunter Reporting

Hunters will be required to complete a mandatory hunter report if they purchased or are issued a tag, regardless if the hunter didn’t hunt or harvest an animal. The form will need to be filled online or via phone. There will no longer be postcards via mail.

Hunter Apprenticeship Safety Program Changes

Apprentice hunters are between the ages of 12-14 years old. Apprentice hunters are now required to purchase an Outdoors Card. Hunter apprenticeship safety cards will no longer be issued and existing cards will be valid until the expiry date. Apprentice hunters are now able to buy their own licence and tag with the Outdoors Card except for tags obtained through a draw, and hunt while supervised by a properly licenced mentor. Apprentices are required to carry proof of completion of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. All other rules under this program remain the same.  

Single Dog Licence

The 3 different types of dog licences will be combined into a single dog licence. Dogs and handlers are exempt from requiring a licence when the handler is not carrying a firearm, is on a leash that is under 10 meters long, and if the dog and dog handler are accompanied by the licensed hunter who wounded the animal.

Game Bird Hunting Preserves

An Outdoors Card, proof of hunter accreditation and firearms accreditation will be required to hunt in game bird hunting preserves.  


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