Wildlife Management Strengthened by New Agreement


Protecting your tourism investment by minimizing the risk of loss from forest fires is an essential part of operating in the fire prone forests of Ontario. To help strengthen the management of these wildfire risks, NOTO has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to share fire management expertise and raise awareness about FireSmart prevention and education resources.

Members at lodges, resorts, camps, camping and trailer parks, canoe outfitters, and fly-in services in the heart of Ontario’s wilderness will benefit from this agreement as NOTO and the ministry’s Aviation and Forest Fire Management Program (AFFM) work together to raise fire risk management awareness through FireSmart education and partner networking.

“NOTO has a long history of partnerships with other organizations and we’re pleased to have this agreement with the Aviation and Forest Fire Management Program which strengthens the protection of our investments from the devastating effects of wildfires,” says Doug Reynolds, Executive Director of NOTO.

Dave Cleaveley, AFFM Planning and Information Coordinator in the West Fire Region says “While we do a very good job at protecting property and values from wildfire, when the threat to values is already reduced through fire-proofing, it places less strain on our firefighting resources allowing us to use them to maximum effect.”

He adds, “NOTO’s credibility working with the forest industry, and its great track record of partnership with government make it well positioned to provide effective FireSmart education to the tourism sector.”

The partnership provides access to fire management expertise that will help minimize losses caused by wildfires. FireSmart measures help reduce the fire hazard on properties through fire-proof landscaping and the application of construction methods, materials and external sprinkler systems to structures that make values less susceptible to fire damage.

The benefits of this FireSmart Partnership Agreement include:

This article was taken from page 15 of NOTO's "The Outfitter" publication, Spring 2008 Issue


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