Save Big on Energy Costs with Solar Hot Water


Hot water is something paying guests expect, even at the most remote lodges and camps. Propane and diesel are expensive, and there’s no guarantee that they won’t become more so in the future. To make matters worse, for the tourism operator trying to keep costs from catching up to revenues, transporting propane and diesel to remote locations isn’t cheap or easy either. What’s a business to do?

EnerWorks, working with Queens University, has produced a solar hot water system that is robust, field-proven, freeze-protected, and simple to install. Most importantly, EnerWorks has produced an appliance that is very cost effective. EnerWorks solar thermal appliance produces hot water more competitively than natural gas delivered by pipe, or electricity from the grid. Compared to propane or diesel-heated water, the EnerWorks system, shines.

The EnerWorks solar thermal appliance provides solar water heating for use in laundries, showers, washrooms, hot tubs, kitchens: any application in which you would normally use hot water, even winter heating. It compliments existing electric, gas, diesel, oil, or propane hot water heaters and is a hybrid system that ensures hot water on demand, year-round. During the summer it can supply more than 85 percent of your hot water needs.

Can solar thermal technology work in Northern Ontario’s climate? Performance is not affected by outdoor ambient temperature and is fully winterized. The heat transfer fluid works at temperatures to minus 60°C, and EnerWorks appliances are currently in use in the Northwest Territories.

How does the system perform in a seasonal application? It requires no winterizing. When you close down your location for the winter, simply empty your hot water tank and water pipes as usual. Your Enerworks appliance will be ready for use come spring.

We can be reached at:

Enerworks Inc.
Tel: 519-268-6500 ext 101
P.O. Box 9
Fax: 519-268-6292
252 Hamilton Crescent, Dorchester, ON N0L 1G0

EnerWorks appliances are eligible for financial grants up to 50% of the installed cost under the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation’s “Energy Conservation Program.” Further information can be found at:

This article was taken from page 7 of NOTO's "The Outfitter" publication, Spring 2006 Issue


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