More Talk on Renewable Energy

WindmillAs part of NOTO’s partnership with the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation in promoting the use of renewable energy in tourist camps, the 2006 NOTO convention featured two renewable energy presentations.

NOTO launched this initiative at the 2005 conference in Sault Ste. Marie with an announcement of the project by Northern Development Minister Rick Bartolucci, and a keynote address by renewable energy expert Bill Kemp, author of The Renewable Energy Handbook.

This year’s convention featured presentations by JP Pawliw of Generation Solar, a professional engineer and renewable energy consultant. The first session provided an overview of the basic design questions involved in planning a diesel-battery hybrid system for a main base lodge. This session introduced key concepts such as peak load, daily average energy requirements, and clarified the difference in the meaning of the terms power and energy as they apply in planning a system.

A second session examined these issues in greater detail through a case study approach. The case study chosen was based on a site visit JP made to a lodge in northeastern Ontario. This example examined how a lodge that is currently operating on a diesel generator that operates approximately six hours per day could install a hybrid system that would provide 24 hour a day power at lower fuel consumption than the current part-time system.

The example shown was based on the basic building blocks of a renewable energy installation using a battery bank and inverters. Photovoltaic panels, wind turbines or micro-hydro could be added to the system at any time, and would further reduce fuel consumption by the generator.

This type of case study was chosen for the presentation as a result of feedback NOTO received from tourist operators over the past year. The questions received made it clear that main base lodge installations represented a level of design complexity that was beyond the capability of many local system vendors. The session was designed to assist lodge owners in conducting a basic system assessment so that they could describe their needs to vendors more clearly and evaluate the appropriateness of system proposals they would receive.

JP’s site visit for the case study was also videotaped, and will be used to produce a case study DVD that will be distributed to the industry over the coming months. The convention presentations and DVD were supported by funding from the Northern Ontario Heritage Funding Corporation, which also has programs available to provide financial assistance to tourist operators who wish to undertake renewable energy installations.

Operators can contact the NOTO office for further information on the program and additional technical support. Further information on the funding program and application forms are also available on the NOHFC website at or by contacting your local MNDM northern development advisor.

This article was taken from page 14 of NOTO's "The Outfitter" publication, Winter 2006 Issue


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