EN-R-PAK: A New Compact Power Source For Outdoor Applications

Originally Published in the May/June 1995 issue of The Outfitter Magazine.


Now even campsites, outpost cabins and remote cottages can have easy access to reliable electric power… and it's right outside your door! Renewable energy is becoming a practical and economical option for providing a reliable and independent supply of electricity.

Ontario Hydro Technologies (OHT) has worked extensively in the field of renewable energy since the early ‘80s. OHT has provided research support to Ontario Hydro in exploring various kinds of alternate and renewable energy sources including wind and solar power.

Its efforts have now resulted in EN-R-PAK…a product that can provide a standalone source of power to meet the basic electricity needs of cottages, camps, or other locations not served by an electrical utility. Lighting at outpost cabins can be available in the flick of a switch.

EN-R-PAK is an all-in-one integrated energy package that consists of a 50-watt solar collector, a power centre with 100-amp hours of storage, and a sample high-efficiency light bulb. In its basic configuration it can provide sufficient electricity to satisfy the basic needs for up to three days on storage capacity alone. This assumes use of three high-efficiency lights, and a small TV or sound system three hours a day. This system is expandable, and for more fixed applications, the storage capacity can be doubled to 200-amp hours, the solar collecting array can be expanded to 150 watts, and a 150 watt wind turbine can also be added.

Additional accessories will allow battery charging for motor boats, trolling motors, depth finders, or snowmobiles. The AC outputs may be used for normal rechargeable accessories or small portable chargers.

EN-R-PAK is an ideal product for lodges! Lodge operators can offer virtually the same electrical conveniences in their cabins that guests have at home without the difficulty or expense of utility hook-up.

EN-R-PAK has a number of features for lodge operators:

EN-R-PAK is a real breakthrough in affordable, independent power supply. Lodges can now provide their unconnected cabins the comfort and convenience of electricity at an affordable price. This product will be available in Ontario later this spring. For more information about this exciting new product and a limited introductory offer, please call OHT at 1-800-644-0944 or fax (416) 207-5832.


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