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Below you will find some highlight articles from the outfitter over the years. You can find practical information for your business, useful information and articles of historical value and more. The articles are organized chronologically. 


HST Transition Rules, Spring 2010

Keep Your Business Data Safe!, Ryan White, Spring 2010

MNR Fishing and Hunting Licence News, Spring 2010

Ontario Minimum Wage Increases, Spring 2010

Reducing Business Uncertainty, Doug Reynolds, Spring 2010

Regional Tourism Organizations Moving Ahead, Spring 2010

Visitor Rebate Confirmed Under the New HST, Laurie Marcil, Spring 2010

Working in Canada, Spring 2010


Bed Capacities and the Resource-Based Tourism Working Group, Winter 2009

Boat Safety Checklists Are Proof of Competency, Winter 2009

HST Update, Winter 2009

Let’s Not Forget Why Tourists Travel, Doug Reynolds, Winter 2009

Making Solar Work For You, Jarret Hannah, Winter 2009

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation Funding Update, Winter 2009

Speaking for the Industry, Doug Reynolds, Winter 2009

Credit Card Processing Fees, Laurie Marcil, Fall 2009

Dealing With MNR Enforcement Concerns, Doug Reynolds, Fall 2009

Is Your Operation Prepared for a Wildfire?, Fall 2009

NOTO’s Position on the New HST, Fall 2009

RBT Working Group Update, Fall 2009

Understanding Different Aspects of New Drinking Water Regulations, Fall 2009

Are You Thinking About Fire Safety?, Ryan Betts, Spring 2009

Focusing on the Goal, Doug Reynolds, Spring 2009

Harmonized Sales Tax Q & A, Spring 2009

More Work on Matters Related to Market-Value Rents, Todd Eastman, Spring 2009

Understanding the Drinking Water Landscape, Richard Clara, Spring 2009


Accommodating Outdoor Enthusiasts with Disabilities, Lawrence Euteneier, Winter 2008

Cold Water Boot Camp, Ted Rankine, Winter 2008

Drinking Water Officially Moves to Local Health Units, Winter 2008

Encouraging Industry Investment, Doug Reynolds, Winter 2008

From Marketing To Management, Doug Reynolds, Winter 2008

Market-Value Rents Delayed Until 2010, Winter 2008

NOTO Involvement Central to Forest Fire Management, Winter 2008

NOTO Responds to Tourism Competitiveness Study, Winter 2008

US Passports Required Starting June 1 2009, Winter 2008

How to Keep Payment Processing Costs Down, Chris Brown, Fall 2008

Is Your Operation FireSmart?, Doug Reynolds, Fall 2008

Maintaining High Quality Fisheries, Todd Eastman, Fall 2008

Moving LUPs to a Market Value Approach, Neil Hayward, Fall 2008

Operator Delighted with Renewable Energy Installation, Doug Reynolds, Fall 2008

Provincial Land Tax Reform, Fall 2008

Applying the GST Rebate At Source, Spring 2008

Border Issues: Simple Steps Towards a Solution, Spring 2008

Delivering Information The Industry Needs, Doug Reynolds, Spring 2008

Does your package qualify for the GST rebate?, Spring 2008

Getting Your Information In The Hands Of Consumers, Laurie Marcil, Spring 2008

Moving Forward: A Resource-Based Tourism Industry Fit For the Future, Todd Eastman, Spring 2008

Ontario Bird Atlas Now Available, Mike Cadman, Spring 2008

Renewable Energy – a Financial and Environmental Winner, Doug Reynolds, Spring 2008

Wildfire Management Strengthened by New Agreement, Spring 2008

What is the Future For Freshwater Fish in the Far North of Ontario?, Jenni McDermid, Spring 2008


Are New Markets Emerging?, Winter 2007

Aquatic Invasive Species, Winter 2007

Designing a Renewable Energy System for a Main Base Lodge, Winter 2007

FireSmart Prevention Program, Winter 2007

The New GST Rebate Program: Make Certain Your Documentation Is Clear, Doug Reynolds, Winter 2007

Branding...Let’s Move to the Front Seat, Laurie Marcil, Fall 2007

Good News On the Revised GST Visitor Rebate Program, Fall 2007

NOTO Establishes Border Issues Committee, Laurie Marcil, Fall 2007

Property Assessments for Provincial Land Tax, Fall 2007

Remoteness Matters to Many, Doug Reynolds, Fall 2007

Small Commercial Vessel or Pleasure Craft?, Fall 2007

Modifying Your NOTO Mini-Website, Melissa Lalonde-Yerlitz, Spring 2007

Moving Toward a New Tenure Mechanism, Spring 2007

Power Output of Renewable Energy Systems, Spring 2007

Provincial Discussions on Trails, Doug Reynolds, Spring 2007

Release of Renewable Energy DVD, Spring 2007


Drinking Water Update: Expect an On-Site Visit, Winter 2006

How Does The New Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act (PPCRA) Affect Commercial Tourism Facilities?, Winter 2006

Reaching Local Government, Doug Reynolds, Winter 2006

Resource-Based Tourism Working Group Continues Work on Land Tenure, Winter 2006

We Are The Brand!, Doug Reynolds, Winter 2006

Keeping Your Insurer Informed, Laurie Walsh, Fall 2006

Remote Locations Need Reliable Communications, Tom Metzner, Fall 2006

RSA Process Still Alive, Todd Eastman, Fall 2006

Solar Water Heating, Doug Reynolds, Fall 2006

Staying Connected, Fall 2006

Who Are The Other Stakeholders?, Doug Reynolds, Fall 2006

Who’s Taking Care Of Policy?, Doug Reynolds, Fall 2006

An Introduction to VOIP, Spring 2006

Exploring International Markets, Laurie Marcil, Spring 2006

Important Notice: Propane and Gas-Fired Unvented Servel Refrigerators, Built Between 1933 and 1957, Spring 2006

More Talk on Renewable Energy, Spring 2006

Outpost Camps on Crown Land – Land Use Permit or Lease?, Gary Davies, Spring 2006

Save Big on Energy Costs with Solar Hot Water, EnerWorks Inc, Spring 2006

Storing Power in Batteries, Doug Reynolds, Spring 2006

Surviving Tough Times in the Tourism Industry, Corky Sischo, Spring 2006


Border Problem Remains a Hot Topic, Doug Reynolds, Winter 2005

Making the Move to Renewable Energy, Doug Reynolds, Winter 2005

Passport Application now available at All-Canada Show, Joel Prunty, Winter 2005

Road Access and Recreational Fishing Research, Len Hunt, Winter 2005

Who's Taking Care of Policy?, Doug Reynolds, Winter 2005

A Customer Service Culture, Doug Reynolds, Summer/Fall 2005

Drinking Water Testing – A Primer, Richard Clara, Summer/Fall 2005

Ignace LUP and Outpost Meeting a Success, Todd Eastman, Summer/Fall 2005

New Fairness Initiative for Border, Summer/Fall 2005

Sharing the Risk with Your Insurance Company, Myron Romaniuk, Summer/Fall 2005

Competitive Advantage, Doug Reynolds, Spring 2005

E-Commerce Anyone?, Al Errington, Spring 2005

Protecting Your Most Important Assets, The Superior Group, Spring 2005

Support for RSA Process Changes, Todd Eastman, Spring 2005

The Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, Spring 2005

There is No Slot Size on Fishermen, Spring 2005

Top 10 Hiring Oversights, Laurie Marcil, Spring 2005

Wolf Hunting Season Changes, Spring 2005


A Perspective on the RSA Process, Dave McGowan, Summer 2004

Aquatic Exotics, Summer 2004

Bear – Setting the Record Straight, Doug Reynolds, Summer 2004

Northeastern Lake Trout Enhancement Project Yielding Results, Wayne Selinger, Summer 2004

A Stargazer’s Survival Kit, Steve Dodson, Spring 2004

How Travel and Tourism Professionals Can Compete In a Weak Dollar Environment, Spring 2004

New Federal Privacy Act, Bruce Gravel, Spring 2004

NOTO Meets With MPAC Regarding Taxation, Roger Liddle, Spring 2004

Recreation and Hydroelectric Stations Don’t Mix Says Ontario Utility, Spring 2004


How’s Your Septic System?, Winter 2003

New York Heroes Canadian Adventure Vacation, Al Errington, Winter 2003

What’s In A Name?, Doug Reynolds, Winter 2003

Border Issues to be Aware of Before Arriving at the Border, David H. Davis, Nov 2003

Lake Nipissing Sturgeon Adult Population Assessment, Todd Eastman, Sept/Oct 2003

Signing of Resource Stewardship Agreements, Todd Eastman, Sept/Oct 2003

Sprinklers Can Save Your Property, Mitch Miller, Sept/Oct 2003

Uncertain Economic Times: Can You Afford to Invest in Health and Safety?, Sept/Oct 2003

Angling-Based Marketing, Ben Leeson, May/June 2003

Carbon Monoxide Warning – Death In Just One Breath?, Jeffery Butler, May/June 2003

Diversifying Your Business, Debbie Sauvé, May/June 2003

Do you have boats that are now considered Commercial Passenger Vessels?, May/June 2003

Gasoline Tax Refunds, Doug Reynolds, May/June 2003

Incorporating Video Making Into Your Business, Diana Oddi, May/June 2003

Is Chlorination the Way to Go?, May/June 2003

Risk Management, Debbie Sauvé, May/June 2003

West Nile Virus, Laurie Marcil, May/June 2003


ATVs – The Next Big Tourism Opportunity?, Summer 2002

Timber Management, Summer 2002


First Aid Training is Necessary, Fall 2001

New Employment Standards Act & Regulations, Jim Antler, Fall 2001

How Can Hunters deal with the Dilemma and Paradox they face in Grappling with Ethical Transitions?, Al Stewart, Spring 2001

The Enduring Relevance of Man’s First Try At Life: Hunting Viewed From the Escarpment of History, Shane P. Mahoney, Spring 2001


Selective Harvest Preservation: The Future of Fishing in Canada -Two Roads Diverge in the Forest-, Gord Pyzer, Nov/Dec 2000

Aboriginal Land Claims & the Federal and Provincial Governments, Ontario Native Affairs Secretariat, July/Aug 2000

Does your business require a JHSC?, Jim Antler, July/Aug 2000

Aboriginal Land Claims & Ontario’s Negotiation Process, Ontario Native Affairs Secretariat, May/June 2000

Tips For Writing Advocacy Letters, May/June 2000

How effective Is Your Marketing, March/April 2000

Ontario’s approach to Aboriginal land claims: the highlights, March/April 2000


Anti-Hunting Groups Bear the Truth About Future of Fishing, Todd Hamilton, Sept/Oct 1999

Your Right To Silence, Edward L. Burlew, May/June 1999


What Is and How To Be An Allied, Ian Couldridge, Sept/Oct 1998

Gas BBQ Safety, July/Aug 1998

Fuels Safety First, May/June 1998

Protect You and Your Guests From the Following Bacteria, May/June 1998

Safe Storage and Display of Firearms, Feb 1998


New Tourism Sign System Unveiled, March/April 1997


Convention Speaker Recap, Nov/Dec 1996

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Update, Roger Liddle, Nov/Dec 1996

Bear Alliance Ends Campaign, Jim Grayston, July/Aug 1996

Bear Alliance Begins Media Campaign, Jim Grayston, May/June 1996

Defining the Remote Tourism Industry, Suzanne Dube-Veilleux, May/June 1996

Don’t Let Your Children Inherit Your Taxes, Marc Brazeau, May/June 1996

Ecotourism: Buzzword or Business Opportunity?, Tracy John Mullins, May/June 1996

NOTO Victory – Waterlot Lease Is Gone, Roger Liddle, May/June 1996

Spring Hunt Not Threatening Total Bear Population, May/June 1996

The Repair and Maintenance of Aluminum Boats, Dave Chiswell, May/June 1996

The Silent Killer: Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Jim Grayston, May/June 1996

What To Do When The Tax Auditor Arrives, May/June 1996


Developing a Catchy Printed Piece, David Huseby, Nov/Dec 1995

Remote Access: A Growing Concern, Geoff Bernando, November/December 1995

Super Host Program: Mark of Service Excellence, Sandi Coppinger, Nov/Dec 1995

Bear Alliance Wants to End Spring Hunt, Sept/Oct 1995

New Group Campaigning to End Spring Bear Hunt, Sept/Oct 1995

The Value of Lake Trout Fisheries and Live-Release, Jim Davis, Sept/Oct 1995

Resurgence of the Guide, Dean Roy, July/Aug 1995

What You Should Know About The Gasoline Handling Act, John Walters, July/Aug 1995

EN-R-PAK: A Compact Power Source For Outdoor Applications, May/June 1995

Have a Safe Summer – Safe Boating Tips, Cindy Hunter, May/June 1995

Now In Effect – Crown Forest Sustainability Act, Cindy Hunter, May/June 1995

Stressed? How To Handle It..., Cindy Hunter, May/June 1995

Marketing: What’s It All About?!, Peter Spanyi, March 1995

NOTO Member Speaks Out For Live Release, Feb 1995

Why Advertise?, Dave Waye, Feb 1995


NOTO Continues Fight Against Waterlot Lease, Sept 1994

NOTO Requests Changes in Canadian Customs Practices, June 1994

Hampton Announces First Policy Framework For Sustainable Forests, April/May 1994

Intended Forestry Practices in Ontario Announced, April/May 1994

Timber Class EA Decision Announced, Bud Dickson, April/May 1994

Timber Class EA Summary, Jim Antler, April/May 1994

Follow These Tips When Fishing In Crowded Water, Cliff Craft, Feb 1994

Inland Fishing Amendment Approved, Feb 1994


Ten Golden Rules for Great Service, Dr. Francis Buttle, Dec 1993

Waste Reduction for Tourist Resorts, Robert Kaefer, November 1993

MCTR Renewed and Ready For Action, Oct 1993

MNR Mismanages Moose Tags Again, Oct 1993

MCTR Focus On Resource Issues Declining?, Sept 1993

Diversity: Forests, People, Communities, Aug 1993

Enhanced Financial Assistance Package for Tourism, July 1993

NDP Refuse to Face Realities, April 1993

Alternative Species Angling is Making Waves, Marguarette Vaughan, March 1993

Members Answer Canada Select Survey, Jim Antler, March 1993

Decisions! Decisions! Buying Life Insurance, John Wesley, Jan 1993


Commitment to Improve Moose Tag Allocation, December 1992

For You and Your Staff, Nov 1992

The Customer is Always Right, October 1992

NOTO’s Comments On License Review, Aug 1992

Your Silent Business Partner, John Wesley, August 1992

Getting Through the Staffing Season, Sandy Delton, June 1992

Never Too Late For Succession Planning, Francis Roy, June 1992

Head-Boards – How to Make Your Own, Marv Wisneski, May 1992

Minister Answers Waterlot Questions, May 1992

Spring Tune-Ups – A Real Money Saver, Ralph Lawson, May 1992

Hospitality Plus Means Skill Training, April 1992

Quality in the Service Sector, Lynelle Wisneski, April 1992

Survival Kit Marketing, Marv Wisneski, March 1992

Childproofing Your Camp, Carol Wisneski, Jan/Feb 1992

Fisheries Research and Tourism, Jan/Feb 1992

Northern Ontario Heart-A-Tax, Jan/Feb 1992


NOTO Letter to Minister Wildman RE: Bear Management, Dec 1991

Coroner’s Inquest Makes Recommendations Regarding Boater Safety, Nov 1991

A Strategic Plan for Developing Specialty Outdoors Tourism, Mike Robbins, Oct 1991

Eco-tourism and Wildlife, Bob Barnes, Aug 1991

MTR Launches Accessibility Program For Tourism and Recreation Operators, Aug 1991

Coordinating MNR’s Tourism Role, Don Hallman, July 1991

MNR’s Provincial Parks Policy Implementation: A Summary, July 1991

Amendment to Retail Business Holiday Act Creates Tourism Exemption, June 1991

GST Update, June 1991

MNR Sustainable Forest Initiatives, June 1991

Sport Shows – Not What They Used To Be, Bill Amason, June 1991

Indian Self-Government, Donna Allison, May 1991


Mining Liaison Committee, Betty McGie, Dec 1990

Insurance, Robert Merkel, November 1990

Buy Proper Insurance Coverage, Aug 1990

Protect Your Business Promote Campfire Safety, July 1990

Insurance – Are You Covered?, Phil Bettinson, May 1990

Knowing Your Image, May 1990


Service, service, service, Bruce Gravel, Nov 1989

Media Relations, Weldon Boone, Aug 1989

Are You Prepared For An Emergency?, Bob McKercher, May 1989

NOTO Responds To Green Paper On Mining Industry, March 1989


The Whats and Whys of Positioning, November 1988

The Sun, Our Free Source of Energy, Barbara Lang, Sept 1988

Know Your Air Carrier, John Grieve, July 1988

Redesign or Just Print Another Batch?, Don James, July 1988

Protecting Your Investment, Roger Liddle, June 1988

Successful Selling at Sportshows, Dave Hutchinson, April-June 1988

Consumer/Show Registration Procedure, Feb 1988


NOTO Committee Reports, Dec 1987

Boating Topics, Mercury Marine, November 1987

Aluminum Boat Repair, Marty Redmond, September 1987

Northern Ontario Tourism Strategy, Aug 1987

Choosing a Lawyer, Christopher B. Lobb, July 1987

NOTO Membership Industry Profile, May 1987

Selling at Sportshows, Dave Hutchinson, March 1987


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