NOTO's History

The Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters Association (NOTO) was founded by a group of tourism operators in March 1929 to create an organized voice for the resource-based tourism industry in Northern Ontario.

Its purpose was to represent the interests of that industry through impressing upon Government the need to protect and safeguard the attractions that enticed travelers to come to Ontario…our high quality natural resource base such as our forests, fish, wildlife, clean air and water, and wilderness.

More than 80 years after our founding, government relations remains the centre of NOTO’s focus. NOTO maintains ongoing communications with political leaders and senior civil servants at the local, provincial, and federal levels and lobbies all levels of government to make sure their policies help the outdoor tourism industry in Ontario grow and prosper.

Although this remains the prime focus of the Association today, as outlined in our Mission Statement, NOTO has broadened its mandate over the years to keep up with the changing needs of the membership and the industry.

In 2000, we adopted the additional operating name of Nature & Outdoor Tourism Ontario to better reflect that our organization is provincial in nature. Although most of the nature and outdoor tourism industry is located in northern Ontario, it is clear that many issues affect the entire industry, and many operators in southern Ontario felt they had no organized voice, and needed one. This led NOTO to shift its focus from being an organization that reflected the needs of its members in northern Ontario to one that works to support the nature and outdoor tourism industry throughout Ontario.



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