Residents and non-residents who wish to hunt in Ontario must have a valid Outdoors Card. Individuals also require appropriate hunter accreditation to buy hunting licences and tags. The hunter accreditation must be on file in the new Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service before you are eligible to purchase a hunting licence.

Hunting licences and tags expire on December 31st of the issuing year. It is also the hunter’s responsibility to know the open seasons for the species they wish to hunt.

Click here for a summary of Ontario’s Hunting Regulations.

Non-Resident: Moose Hunting

A non-resident who wishes to hunt moose in Ontario must have a valid Outdoors Card and hunting accreditation. A non-resident must also be registered as an accommodated guest at a tourist outfitter establishment. The outfitter must apply for and receive, on the non-resident’s behalf, a validation tag to hunt moose. Please visit the hunting regulations summary in the link above for more information.

Non Resident: Black Bear Hunting

The rules are slightly different from that of hunting moose. A non-resident who wishes to hunt a black bear in Ontario must have a Non-Resident Black Bear Hunting Licence Validation Certificate (white copy) to validate their non-resident black bear hunting licence. This certificate can be obtained from a bear operator (operator of a tourist establishment, guide or air carrier) licensed in Ontario to provide black bear hunting services to non-residents. *Some exceptions apply, please visit the hunting regulations summary. 

More up to date and detailed informatiopn can be found on the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry website. The MNRF regulates and enforce fishing and hunting in Ontario.


It is illegal to apply for or to purchase or possess more than one licence tag for moose, elk, deer or black bear.

Hunting version outdoors card holders may qualify for instant small game hunting and fishing privileges.

If you wish to hunt, you must have a licence valid for the species or group of species you are hunting, and you must carry your Outdoors Card, the licence tag, any validation tags and any game tags with you while hunting. Licence validity or expiry dates do not indicate open season dates. You must show the Outdoors Card and licence to a conservation officer if asked to do so.


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