NOTO's Code of Ethics

  • There shall be full co-operation between members of the Association at all times.

  • Members of the Association, their employees and guides will be required to fully co-operate with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Ministry of Natural Resources, or any other Government Department concerned with the Ontario Tourist Industry, and to fully adhere to their laws, rules and regulations.

  • Regular Members (Operators) will be required to maintain good, adequate, and serviceable equipment for the use of guests and employees.

  • Rates and accommodations will be clearly and carefully defined to guests prior to booking reservations.

  • Members will not misrepresent their rates, services or accommodations.

  • Members will provide for every necessary safety and comfort of guests.

  • Members will endeavour always to employ well trained, courteous, and sufficient personnel to adequately care for their guests.

  • Members will provide adequate and well prepared food to guests and personnel at all times when the camp operates on the American Plan.

  • Members Camps will be kept in a clean, neat, orderly and good state of repair at all times, and shall be so maintained as to be a credit to the operator and the association.

  • Members will conduct their business in an ethical manner.

  • Members will post a copy of this Code of Ethics in a conspicuous place on their premises at all times.

  • Failure to abide by this Code of Ethics will subject any members to an investigation by the Board of Directors, or a committee appointed by it, and, if adverse, may subject the member to reprimand, suspension or expulsion from the association. 


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