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NOTO's Preferred Suppliers want you to know that they are here for your during these difficult times. NOTO and it's Preferred Suppliers created a communication intiative which will help keep operators across Ontario informed on how they've modified their services and the types of intiatives they have put forward to help you get ready as the province moves towards reopening the economy. This page will allow you to view messages, service updates and special offers from our Preferred Suppliers. To view our Preferred Suppliers contact information, please click here

The SAM Group is here to help you prepare for the upcoming season. They offer a great selection of personal protective equipment! Click here to view the flyers.

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Frontier Hospitality Advisor is offering 25% off all Commercial Real Estate Appraisal reports for the months of May, June and July 2020.

Many lodge, camp and resort owners are considering refinancing their mortgage loans to get through this tough period and a commercial real estate appraisal is an important part of this process.

My commercial real estate appraisal reports are AACI certified which is the standard requirement for most lending institutions. 

I have data from operations all across Ontario and as such can provide a very well supported market value estimate in a timely fashion. My appraisal reports include a very thorough analysis of all of your expenses and will help you identify where you may be able to improve your financial performance. 

Frontier Hospitality Advisor focuses solely on the outdoor tourism industry and I am here to support you in any way possible, so feel free to reach out to me at

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Yamaha Motor Canada has been a proud NOTO member for over 40 years and is standing with you now, during these uncertain times. Like many of you, we have had to adapt to the challenges that COVID-19 has brought forth, but our commitment to NOTO and members remains unchanged.

The Ontario Yamaha dealer network is as strong as ever and ready to serve you. Contactless service departments, curbside pickup and virtual showrooms are just some of ways our dealers have adapted to ensure you get the same quality of support you have known for years and come to depend on.

We’re here to assist in any way we can. Together we’ll get through this. 

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To All Lodges and Resorts…We’re Here for You!

As a 30+ YEAR supplier to the Northern Ontario Tourism Industry, The Graphix Works understands the seasonal complexities of this industry and now also sympathizes with the industry as they try to navigate the waters following the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s effects on the tourism industry.

With this in mind we have come up with a number of offers that we will honour until the end of 2020 to help the industry as it makes an effort to market itself following the end of the shutdown. At the center of our offer is an across the table discount of 20% off of all of our regular pricing on everything we sell.

The 20% discount applies to the following regular priced products and services:

Brochures • Rate Sheets • Trade Show Banner Stands and Booth Displays • Decorated Apparel • Promotional Products • Website Development

Plus! On website development we’re offering a no interest payment plan. Buy now, pay 25% upon ordering, 25% on September 15, 2020 then 25% on May 15, 2021 and the balance including taxes on July 15, 2021. Click here to view discount details


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The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unique challenges for businesses and individuals around the world. WSPS wants you to know that they are there for you!

WSPS remains focused on providing critical prevention and safety services during this time; helping employers navigate the pandemic to ensure the safety of their workers. On their website, you will find COVID-19 information, resources and supports for your business which include, but are not limited to:

WSPS encourages you to regularly check this website as their website is constantly being updated with new information and supports. They also regularly upload new guidance documents which are approved by the Government. 

View WSPS COVID-19 Resources



Sturgeon Falls ASM is here to help you get ready for the upcoming season with their 2020 Mercury Camp Special!

9.9 CAMP ENGINES REG. $3,220 - CAMP SPECIAL $2,399                                                                                                    

MERCURY FOUR STROKE CAMP PRICING                                                                                         

Includes Freight and PDI
25hp + prop not incl., 40hp + gas tank not incl.


For quotes, please e-mail


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Duty Free Americas recognizes the important role we play in cross border commerce, especially during this challenging time. As we prioritize the health and safety of our Customers and Sales Associates, we remain committed to ensuring that all Customers have access to the essential items they need, supporting our Sales Associates, and doing our part to help contain the spread of COVID-19. 

We are monitoring applicable governmental guidelines regarding essential businesses during this health crisis, and are limiting the number of customers in our stores to ensure they are able to get the items they need in a less crowded environment. In addition, we are modifying our hours to give our Sales Associates more time to sanitize our stores. 

We appreciate your patience, understanding and support as we strive to support our Customers and Sales Associates to the maximum extent possible. The health and safety of our Customers, Sales Associates and Communities remains our top priority.

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This unprecedented time has posed some significant challenges to tourism operators. We are doing what we can to weather this storm with you. Taking a risk management approach can help in times of struggle to proactively mitigate claims and assist in negotiating with insurers to minimize costs. Gougeon Insurance Brokers is ready to help operators conduct a risk management assessment. 

In light of these unprecedented challenges, we are supporting NOTO with the development of checklists and procedures that will assist tourism operators during this pandemic. These documents will advise operators on the following:

Rest assured that as this situation unfolds, we will continue to work alongside industry associations and tourism operators to develop evolving standard operating procedures. We hear you, and we are here for you. 

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No business could possibly be prepared for the scale of impact that this global pandemic is having but tourism and hospitality are arguably the hardest hit. This is not only business, but personal for us as we call many of you friends. We know the depth of sacrifice and investment you’ve made to build your businesses and are deeply sorry for the unprecedented impact this is having on you, your families and your employees. We’ve seen you persevere through multiple, extreme challenges over the decades and although those obstacles appeared insurmountable in the past, your tenacity enabled you to survive it. Given your track record, we’re optimistic that this too will be another challenge that the industry collectively overcomes. 

As lead broker of the program, we’re doing all we can to advocate on your behalf with your insurer, Novex Insurance, and have taken steps to offer the following on renewal:

Business Interruption: The Hard Facts about Pandemic Coverage Availability

We recognize that there are ongoing concerns over the fact that Business Interruption policies are not responding to lost revenues. We share the tourism industry’s frustration but we are dealing with an uninsurable event. Business interruption coverage was never designed to respond to a loss caused by a pandemic such as COVID-19.  Business interruption policies, including the common extension of Interruption by Civil Authority, typically contain a physical damage requirement.  The intent of the coverage has always been to activate when there has been damage to physical property by an insured peril that causes an interruption to business operations, resulting in a loss of income. 

The epic size and scale of pandemic exposure — not to mention the unique characteristics of each pandemic — makes it virtually impossible for insurers to offer blanket pandemic coverage that any business would be able to afford. We expect that coverage for this type of situation will very likely not be available, even after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.     

You will no doubt have questions about your individual policies and the applicable business interruption wording so we invite you to contact your insurance broker to review your insurance contract. Our brokers are here to help in this review and will work with you to submit a claim to your insurer, should you wish to pursue that option.

Our Commitment to You: Advocacy and Resources

One of the actions we’re taking is to lobby our Ministers of Government to express the tremendous negative impact this Pandemic is having on our tourism and hospitality operators. We will continue to communicate our frustrations that the financial relief packages they’ve offered to date are not sufficient and that stronger support is required to carry the industry through such losses. We feel it is vital that all tourism operators and allied members also contact their Government representatives to communicate your concerns individually, if you have not done so already.  In the coming week we will have a template of our letter posted to our website along with contact information for the applicable Government representatives.

Accessing Gov’t Financial Support Resources: We Can Help

Hearing directly from hundreds of our business clients about the pandemic‘s harsh impact on their revenue over the past few weeks, has been tough news. But we‘re encouraged to see Manitoba begin to open again, Ontario talking about new openings and we‘re hopeful that this will boost consumer confidence and the flow of the economy will begin again very soon.

Our team has worked hard to identify any means, within our reach, to assist our clients during this challenge. Accessing gov‘t financial support is one way we‘d like to help.

Pandemic Relief Resource Summary:

We‘ve built a dedicated online resource where we‘ve identified all of the programs that are potentially relevant to our commercial clients, provided a summary of each, as well as links on how to apply. This is a live resource and we are constantly updating it. Copies of our Tourist Resort Advocacy letters are also available on our Pandemic Relief page; including the opportunity to download your own copy to send to your local Member of Parliament.

Free Chartered Accountant Resource:

In order to help you navigate and apply for any of these resources, please feel free to email our CFO, Jerome Delorme (CA, CPA, CFP, HB Comm), directly at:
He‘s reviewed the programs extensively and is happy to provide insights and answer any questions that he can in terms of gov‘t support programs.

Should you need any documentation to access government funds related to your inability to recover economic loss under you property policy, please let us know.  We are here to help in whatever way we can. 


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