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Laurie Marcil
Member Services Manager

The 2008 NOTO Ontario Outdoor Adventure Guide in both print and CDRom versions has been and will continue to be circulated through several means to both US and domestic consumers.

Some of the special features incorporated on the CD version of the Outdoor Adventure Guide include:

In addition to having all of these great features, the CD is also much more cost effective to produce and distribute. We have enclosed a copy for you with this issue of The Outfitter and we encourage you to take a few moments to check it out.

The introduction of the CD at Sport Shows generated immediate pre-use feedback from consumers. Overall consumers are interested in the concept of the CD with the Build A Trip Wizard but they are hesitant to walk away with just that version. The majority of consumers still wish a copy of the printed version.

Here are some of the comments the CD generated at sport shows earlier this year:

And consumers offered the following on the printed version:

At the two shows I attended to distribute guides I made the following observations:

Ottawa, ON – This has traditionally been a very good show. In the region there are many people employed by the federal government. These people generally realize attractive salaries and have ample mandatory vacation time.

We have also observed that people in the Ottawa area are very interested in the outdoors. Consumers attending the show this year seemed to have a range of outdoor interests. Three hours before the show ended we were out of the 2,750 printed guides we brought for distribution and of the 1,600 CDs we brought, 30 were left at show end.

Ontario regions that were of interest to consumers at this show were North of Superior, Algoma Country, Ontario’s Near North, Northumberland and Rice Lake Areas. A smaller number of people enquired about Sunset Country.

Grand Rapids, MI – Attendance was down substantially from previous years. Those consumers in attendance were still interested in coming to Ontario but indicated they were planning for next year for a number of reasons including the exchange rate, price of gas, and the poor economy in the Grand Rapids area. The majority of consumers at this show preferred to take both the printed and CD versions of the guide. Thank you to the operators who offered to transport remaining guides back across the border into Sault Ste. Marie.

Regions of interest at this show were Algoma Country, North of Superior, Sunset Country and the Rice Lake area.

Thank you once again to our funding partners for their support of both the CD and the printed versions of the guide. We encourage FedNor and OTMP to continue supporting this important and well-received project as we continue to make changes to meet consumer needs and demands.

Please take a look at the CD version and get back to us with your feedback. We will continue to encourage feedback from the consumers to ensure that we are meeting their needs as well. 

This article was taken from pages 9 & 10 of NOTO's "The Outfitter" publication, Spring 2008 Issue


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