Why Advertise?

Written By: Dave Waye
Glen Echo Cottages
Originally Published in the February 1995
issue of The Outfitter Magazine.


There are many possible answers to this question and they are as varied as our individual businesses. Whether your business is all repeat and recommended customers or you’ve just bought a camp with no customers, you need to advertise. Your advertising requirements will, of course, be different but you still need to advertise in order to make sure that customers can find you when they are ready to book their trip.

Let’s take a look at why you need to advertise:

Replace Lost Customers

Increase Occupancy

Attract the Right Kind of Customer

Promote New Services


Maintain Your Image

Those Who Know You


Former Customers

Saw Your Other Advertising


Those Who Don’t Know You


Last Minute or Emergency Buyers



Comparison Shoppers

Every business person I know wants to increase their sales. Advertising can help you do this by convincing people to call you. However, once you get the call it is up to you to convince the customer to come to your place. 


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