Top 10 Hiring Oversights


InterviewIn their book How to Choose the Right Person for the Right Job Every Time, Lori Davila and Louise Kursmark outline the Top 10 hiring oversights that entrepreneurs make.

Oversight #1
Have you identified what you are looking for?
What are the specific skills, behaviours, characteristics, motivators and competencies that a person needs to be a top performer in your open position?

Oversight #2
Have you prepared the interview?
By planning ahead you can obtain the breadth and quality of information that will help you make a good hiring decision.

Oversight #3
Have you thought about the interview questions?
It helps to prepare questions in advance that can reveal a candidate’s technical skills, knowledge, behaviours, likes, dislikes and key motivators.

Oversight #4
Is the need to hire causing you to hire too quickly?
You might be tempted to fill openings too quickly so that you can get back to your real job. This can make you susceptible to candidates who interview well, but lack the critical skills to perform the job successfully.

Oversight #5
Are you aware of the “halo effect”?
The halo effect occurs when you like a candidate because you have something in common with them. Perhaps she/he is from your hometown or you share a common interest. This can blind you to a candidate’s liabilities.

Oversight #6
Are you hiring people just like you?
Too many people react favourable to a person whom they perceive to be like themselves. However, this similarity does not necessarily mean that the candidate is right for the job.

Oversight ##7
Have you raised standards unrealistically?
Unnecessarily high standards for open positions leads to hiring people who are overqualified for the position and under challenged by it – a definite setup for future problems.

Oversight #8
Are you using only one interviewer?
Exposure to other interviewers could reveal aspects of the candidate that you might not have seen yourself.

Oversight #9
Do you have an interviewing process in place?
If you implement a streamlined hiring process, have all managers in your company who conduct interviews well trained, and hold your hiring initiatives in the highest regard, you would have an enormous competitive edge.

Oversight #10
Are you checking references thoroughly?
Talking to others who know the candidate in addition to the references provided can be very revealing.With the candidate’s permission, try former employers. Look for consistency between the interview and the references.

Quick tip: Rather than spending time conducting one-on-one interviews, consider a first-round group interview where you can compare many candidates simultaneously.

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This article was taken from page 23 of NOTO's "The Outfitter" publication, Winter 2005 Issue


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