By Mike Cadman, Coordinator
Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas

The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario, which was compiled with the important support of a number of NOTO members, is now available. It is a “must have” for tourist operators and clients interested in birds.

Although it is a “coffee table” style book (728 pages with over 400 photos and 900 full-colour maps) designed for easy browsing, the atlas is also an authoritative reference on the province’s birds. A quick look at the maps lets you know whether a species can be expected to nest in your area, and for some species, additional maps inform you how common the bird is in your area relative to other parts of the province.

For each of the province’s 286 nesting species, there is an account which describes the species’ overall distribution and status in the province and the habitat in which it occurs. It also explains the extent to which the species’ range has changed historically and particularly in the past 20 years. For example, the atlas shows how the Purple Martin and Common Nighthawk have declined across the province, while species such as the Turkey Vulture, Bufflehead and Sandhill Crane have expanded greatly.

The atlas covers the whole province, from Lake Erie to Hudson Bay. Several NOTO members including Canoe Frontier Expeditions, Kanipahow Kamps, Adams Lake Outfitters, Pine Portage Lodge, Kaby Lodge, Spruce Shores Lodge and Viking Island Lodge and Outposts provided accommodation for Atlas project volunteers collecting field data. Our thanks to them for their invaluable assistance.

The Atlas is receiving very positive reviews. Robert Bateman says: “I find the new Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario amazing and I am delighted by its beauty and detail.” Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson say: “Invaluable for the thoroughness of it’s science, the atlas is also a wonderful book to simply browse. The species accounts are clean, jargon-free, and inviting; the graphics contain a wealth of visual information and the text is profusely illustrated with photographs of the birds, and frequently their nests and/or typical habitats.”

The atlas can be ordered at or by phoning 1-800-440-2366. The price is $92.50 + GST.

This article was taken from page 22 of NOTO's "The Outfitter" publication, Spring 2008 Issue


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