Originally Published in the September 1994 issue of The Outfitter Magazine.


Dear Mr. Feilders:

Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you on August 17, 1994, to discuss the issues surrounding waterlot leases for our industry.

In order to provide you some direction with regard to where NOTO would like the discussions to go during this meeting, the following questions have been prepared. They summarize the feedback we have received from our membership since the Minister’s announcement last November at the NOTO Convention.

As you will see, there remains many unanswered questions for our industry with regard to the waterlot lease and what the future will bring. Our industry must have some direction from the MNR with regard to these questions, in order to set the framework for future discussions.

Mr. Feilders, there is a great deal of concern within our industry that operators are being asked to sign an open agreement with the Crown for a waterlot without knowing what the Ministry intends to do once the current agreement ends. As you can imagine, this is causing a great deal of grief within the industry. That is why NOTO is requesting answers and clarifications to the above questions.

Furthermore, problems still exist within some Districts about the details of the current agreement, with the result being that some operators continue to be levied an annual fee for their waterlot that is based on a market value assessment, when they should only be paying a onetime fee of $125.00.

NOTO President Bud Dickson and myself are looking forward to our meeting and are looking forward to discussing these questions with you. I trust that you will be able to provide us with the clarification requested at that time.

Yours truly,

Jim Grayston, Executive Director

Please note: Mr. Bart Feilders will be at the 1994 Convention to update the membership on the waterlot issue and to answer the above question. Don’t miss this important session on November 7th in Timmins!


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