Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Update

Written By: Roger Liddle Originally Published in the November/December 1996
issue of The Outfitter Magazine.


As chair of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation’s Tourism Subcommittee, I wanted to take this opportunity to bring you up to date on what has been happening with the NOHFC, and the new criteria and guidelines.

As you may be aware, Premier Mike Harris announced in Timmins on October 18th that the provincial Cabinet had approved the new program criteria and guidelines developed by the NOHFC. The new mandate is to invest more than $210 million over the next four years into the northern Economy.

Over the summer, subcommittees focused on the new components of the Fund and program criteria was finalized in September. The Fund has been refocused toward the support of infrastructure improvements and development opportunities in Northern Ontario rather than providing direct financial assistance to individual businesses.

Under a new Board of Directors, the NOHFC has developed guidelines that ensure money is being spent more wisely than ever before. Money will be directed into three areas — infrastructure, tourism and strategic partnerships — that will give the North greater opportunities to grow, creating real jobs and real economic development.

The next meeting of the whole NOHFC Board will take place on November 8th in Thunder Bay. At this meeting the Board will be in a position to entertain proposals for consideration and financial assistance.

I will focus my comments here to the Tourism sector. Full information on all three sectors will be available in the very near future, and will be made available through your local Economic Development offices, or directly from the NOHFC office.

Program Purpose

The NOHFC will provide funds and opportunities to expand the economic and employment benefits of the residents of Northern Ontario and significantly increase tourism economic activity in the North.

Program Objectives

Program Components

Eligible clients include existing publicly owned attractions, regional and local not-for-profit tourism associations and municipalities. 


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