Modifying Your NOTO Mini-Website

Originally published in the Spring 2007 issue of The Outfitter

By Melissa Lalonde-Yerlitz, Formerly of Membership Services & Sales, NOTO

Having at minimum a silver membership with NOTO entitles you to a mini-website on the NOTO website. The mini-website is a tool you can use to market your camp and expose potential or existing clients to new and improved services and product offerings. The NOTO website receives approximately 1000 hits per day.

You can access your mini-website on-line and make changes to the site from any computer with internet access. Modifying your mini-website is easy and involves the following steps:

Step 1 - Go to the Members' Only Website

Step 2 - Make Your Changes

Inside this member's only area of our website, there are three different sections where changes can be made to your mini-website. You'll note that each of the three sections contains one or more folders. Inside these folders is where you will make your changes.

Once logged on you will be in the Operations Records section of the site.

Operation Records Section: This section contains the folder where changes can be made to your contact information. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on "Save Modifications" to save any changes you make.

Profile & Mini-Site Section: In the profile listings folder of this section you can make changes to the text describing your operation and the information displayed on the website (e.g. contact details, facility locations, nearest town, etc.). Once you have made all the modifications, be sure to click on "Save Modifications" at the bottom of the screen. In this section you can use the announcement block to let potential clients know when there is a special rate offered or a sudden vacancy at your lodge.

Feature Catalogue Section: This section allows you to choose which search categories you wish your operation to be listed under. This section is made up of six folders (e.g. hunting, etc.) each containing different search categories (e.g. bass, moose, snowmobile, playground, x-country skiing, etc.). Clicking on each folder will enable you to see which categories you are listed under. At the bottom of the screen there is a form to select additional categories from the list.

For each category you select there are three important parts to complete: 1) weighting factor, 2) description, 3) key words. In order for your mini-website to do the most for you, you should spend some quality time completing these parts for each search category. Recognize there are many members making use of this tool, so it is important that you fully complete each part so your mini-website has the best chance of coming up when someone is searching the NOTO website.

Weighting Factor: The weighting factor helps determine how important a category (e.g. pike fishing) is to your operation in terms of how many people will search for you on the NOTO website. NOTO members have 1000 total credits to allocate across all search categories. Within one search category 10 to 100 credits can be allocated in increments of 10.

Description: The description of a search category appears on your mini-website and it will also appear as something being offered by your operation when a person is searching the NOTO website by a specific activity.

TIP: Be sure to use the search category word (e.g. canoeing) in your description. It will help the search engine list you higher in the search results.

Keywords: These are hidden words that are used by the search engine to help determine where you should be listed in the search results. Use a comma to separate keywords with no spaces in between the words.

TIP: This section works best the more specific you are to the service or product being offered. For example, a lodge located in Red Lake that offers canoeing would want to use Sunset Country, Red Lake, Canoeing.

Step 3 - Post Your Changes

Once you have made all changes to all three sections of your mini-website you must return to the Profile & Mini-Site section and click on the "Update Website" tab. Your changes will now be activated.

Include a Photo

You can also include one photo on your mini-website. Simply e-mail the photo to the NOTO office ( indicating the name of your camp and that you wish the photo to be used for your mini-website.

If you have any questions about your mini-website please contact the NOTO office.


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