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Automated Licensing System

The ministry is proceeding with development of an automated licensing system in 2010. In December 2009, MNR awarded a contract to Active Outdoors to develop and host an automated system for the sale of fishing and hunting licences at the point-of- sale (POS) at licence issuers, over the internet and a toll-free telephone application. The companies that were merged into Active Outdoors have over ten years experience in fishing and hunting licence automation in over 20 states in the U.S.

The target date for full implementation of this system for year-round issuers is Spring 2011. The system will be piloted at selected licence issuers prior to implementation. Active Outdoors has proposed two different POS options to address potential connectivity issues – one that is internet only and another that can be used either by telephone or internet.

The new system offers many potential benefits for licence issuers. Licences will be printed on-demand from the new system and issuers will not have to maintain and reconcile licence inventory. Reconciliation and remittance information will be done automatically in the system eliminating much of the administrative workload currently associated with issuing licences.

Clients, especially non-residents, will see a number of improvements as a result of the new system. Non-resident clients will be able to purchase licences over the internet and through the toll-free telephone service. Non-resident hunters will only have to present their accreditation once to receive their hunting Outdoors Card, which will serve as their accreditation after that.

Harmonized Sales Tax

All fishing licences, hunting licences and crown land camping permits are to be sold at the current rates, GST included, until the end of the business day on June 30th, 2010.

A notice to all licence issuers will be sent out shortly dealing specifically with the HST changes and how to handle them after June 30th.

Outdoors Cards

Every client must have on their person a valid plastic outdoors card or Temporary Outdoors Card, along with their fishing and/or hunting licence, in order to hunt or fish. If they do not have their valid Temporary or their valid plastic outdoors card they must purchase another Temporary. If a client purchased a Temporary in 2009 and have not yet received their plastic outdoors card they need to contact the Outdoors Card Centre at 1-800-387-7011 to ascertain the status of their card. The Outdoors Card staff will advise them depending upon the information available.

A client who has a Fishing Outdoors Card or has purchased a current year Temporary Fishing Outdoors Card and then wants to hunt can acquire a ‘free’ Temporary Hunting Outdoors Card by turning in the Fishing Card or Temp Fishing in exchange for a Temp Hunting. If they do not have their Fishing Outdoors Card or current year Temporary Fishing Outdoors Card then they will be required to purchase the Temporary Hunting Outdoors Card.

Operators with questions about the automated licensing system can contact Burton McClelland, Manager of Licencing Improvement Project, Ministry of Natural Resources at 705-755-1802. Questions regarding the Outdoors Card and HST should be directed to Neil Scero, MNR, at 705-755-1848.

This article was taken from page 4 of NOTO's "The Outfitter" publication, Spring 2010 Issue


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