Keep Your Business Data Safe Ryan White
Ryan White
Web Developer Intern

As modern day business owners, the majority of you will no doubt be using computers in your workplace, whether it is for email, record keeping, finances, or to run software that makes managing your business easier. It is extremely convenient until one thing happens – hard drive problems. When this happens it is possible to lose records, emails and other things you’ve needed to store. It also means it will take valuable time to recover from. The good news, however, is that this doesn’t have to happen. It can all be avoided by backing up the data on your computer and there are a number of ways to do that.

The most practical solutions for many businesses include one of the following:

Although RAID-1 protection is the most technically complex of these solutions, it allows you to back up your hard drive with a complete mirror copy which means that should your hard drive stop working, you would not have to go to the bother of reinstalling your computer’s operating system because it would all be perfectly maintained on the other hard drive. It is recommended, however, that you have a professional set this up and maintain it for your business. This said though, the other 2 methods of data protection listed above are also excellent ways to back up your essential files and are less costly. It is hard to put a price on smooth business operation, so I recommend that all businesses using computers look into one of these solutions today! 


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