Hospitality Plus Means Skills Training

Originally Published in the April 1992 issue of The Outfitter Magazine.

New Training for Ontario’s Tourism and Hospitality Industry

NOTO’s 1987 “White Paper on the Future of Tourism in the North” called for education and training programs to play a vital role in a new tourism strategy for the north. “The future of the tourism sector in Canada lies in the ability of the education system to supply enough suitably trained employees to meet rapidly growing labour demands.” (page 71)

The Canadore Initiative

Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology, in partnership with the Province of Ontario, has developed a new and innovative approach to the provision of tourism and hospitality training in Ontario. This initiative, entitled Hospitality Plus (HP) provides solutions to the primary needs identified by the industry in respect to formal education and skills upgrading. In addition, it addresses a number of secondary objectives in relation to heightening public awareness of the tourism and hospitality industry and the role it plays in community wealth creation and securing Ontario’s economic future.

The Goal

The goal of Hospitality Plus is to provide learning opportunities which will upgrade the skills and expertise of existing or potential owners, managers and employees of Ontario’s tourism and hospitality industry, in accessible locations and at times and in formats compatible with their specific needs, and to stimulate wealth creation activities on a localized basis.


This program focuses on skill and service upgrading of existing or potential owners, managers, supervisors and employees in hospitality and tourism in four specific disciplines:

Each specific discipline (certificate) is subdivided into related units and then into component modules.


Certificate ## 1 – Rooms Division
Unit 1A – Introduction to Rooms Division Module

Unit 1B – Safety for Rooms Division (Modules 1 to 4)

Unit 1C – Front Office Operations and Procedures (Modules 1 to 7)

Unit 1D – Housekeeping Procedures and Services (Modules 1 to 6)

Certificate ## 2 – Food and Beverage
6 Units with 32 Modules

Certificate ## 3 – Kitchen
6 Units with 33 Modules

Certificate ## 4 – Management Skills Development
12 Units with 62 Modules

Teachers in the program are experienced professionals in their respective fields. Their techniques will be reinforced with high quality teaching materials. State-of-the-art products of this program and its flexibility for updating the details of each teaching module make Hospitality Plus unique.


Modules may be taken on a general interest basis or used individually, on site as instruction tools where specific needs exist with individual firms.

The completion of all modules in a unit and all units in a discipline would lead to a certificate in that discipline. Upon completion of the four certificate disciplines, the candidate may choose through distance education, to complete core courses (accounting, English, mathematics, economics) applicable to the two-year diploma program or take advantage of such training at Canadore’s North Bay Campus. An additional feature of the process will have the candidate apply the earned diploma as advanced standing in a degree program at Nipissing University. 

Pilot projects will be delivered in Temagami and North Bay covering one of the modules developed to date. As more modules are developed and become available, courses will be set up to deliver to the industry.

For more information, contact Alan Campbell, Project Coordinator, at (705) 474-7600, ext. 5513, or toll free at 1-800-461-7340.


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