Head-boards - How To Make Your Own

Written By: Marv Wisneski
Stanley’s West Arm Resort and NOTO President

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Jervic D.Swannack IV, General Manager,
Vermilion Bay Vacation Area
Originally Published in the April 1993
issue of The Outfitter Magazine.

When I reviewed the Canada Select Grading Requirements, I noticed that Head-boards were recommended on all beds in bedrooms. I contacted one of NOTO’s Allied Members for a price, which was very reasonable. However, since we needed fifty head-boards for all of our beds, fifty times a very reasonable price comes up to a lot of dollars.

As a result of this economic inquiry, I decided to build them myself.

The tools required for the making of the head-boards are:

The material I used for the head-boards was Black Poplar or to be a little scientific, its proper name is Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides). I used this wood because the bark peals off easily in the spring up until the middle of July. When poplar is completely dry it is light in colour.

During poplar’s drying process it may turn a vibrant pink, but it will change back to white when dry. Most of the trees available to us peal easily in the spring and any kind of tree can be used.

The procedure for building a headboard for a Single Bed, thirty six inches (36”) wide is as follows:

The time required to construct one of these headboards is approximately one hour. I used four 3 ½” ## 10 wood screws, two in each side post, to fasten them to the wall. I mounted them so the bottom of the top log of the headboard was 34” from the floor. The reason I did not extend the side posts to the floor was for cleaning purposes – and with the bed in place the extra length serves no purpose.

In July my resort was graded by the Canada Select Inspector and he gave me a good rating on the headboards. If it is good enough for Canada Select then it is good enough for us.

By the way, the money you can save by building these head-boards yourself will pay for a Radial Arm Saw and a Drill Press.

You can save even more if you buy this equipment from your helpful NOTO Allied Member.


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